School Fete Making.  Part 2

October 27, 2010

Cards in packets of 6.

Last night , a few of us got together to create for the fete.

Laura made these.

Once again, they are super easy and inexpensive.

A large packet of pre-cut people is about $3. Cut into twos

Fabrics scraps… and buttons sewn on.

We are also planning to make some kits for the kids with fabric scraps and cardboard people to decorate themselves.

Bib anyone?

A few of the rather large collection of bibs Beth, Abbey and I have been putting together for the fete. I downloaded the pattern from Nested: Something to make . The pattern has a pocket, but we made them without the pocket.

Between us, Beth and I have 10 children, and have never felt a need for a bib pocket.

Last week Tilda, Belinda and I had a great time putting a pile of owl appliques together. I later put three of them onto t-shirts. One for me to wear on fete day, and these two to sell.

You may recognise the owls from my Christmas applique post . The pattern is original to Lil Blue Boo and is available to download. We changed it a little by not including the beak. This can be hand stitched on after the applique is on.

The fete is on the 6th of November from midday. If you are free I would love to see you. Email me for the other details.

2 Responses to “School Fete Making.  Part 2”

  1. Heather said

    You guys are truly amazing!
    Any chance you all want to relocate to my school?

  2. […] an idea of what we made for the craft stall at last years fete, look here and here and […]

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