Image from The Book Depository.

Image from The Book Depository.

Wonderstruck, a review in less than 25 words.

What can I say! 

I loved this book, and so did my kids. It would make a great gift for bookish kids between 6 (would need to be read to) and 15 (especially the artistically inclined)

600 pages.

About 200 pages of text narrating one story and around 400 black and white illustrations telling another. 

It was magic, inspiring and insightful. 

I will read everything Brian Selznick writes…. and give them to others as I have opportunity.

Next month…. Nancy Wake by Peter Fitzsimmons


Image from Book Depository.


DIY Advent Calendar by Design Sponge. Image sourced from there.

Meredith’s got a fabulous idea for fantasticly simple bible content here. Love it especially this close to Dec 1.

Cathy gives insightful day by day content here. 

Nicole….shares some great ideas here.

If you know what you want each day to hold, but need a little visual inspiration, have a look at my pinterest board here. 

This year I have an unusual plan which focus’s on letters….. we will see how that goes.

To see what we have done in previous years look here and here and here.

I just realised that our advent events for 2012 are not collated….. so I will get onto that.

Enjoy, and let me know if you come across anything inspiring.


Image from The Book Depository.

Catch 22, a review in less than 25 words.

This was a text I was meant to read at school.

I wasn’t interested then.

This time I listened, 

It reminded me of the tv series M.A.S.H .

I hated M.A.S.H.

Still do. 

There I have said it.

Not reading at school was a great decision.

Wish I had stuck to it!

Image from The Book Depository.

Image from The Book Depository.

Next month…. Wonderstruck written and illustrated by Brian  Selznick.




source: The Book Depository.

source: The Book Depository.

Back to the book reviews.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was a picture of how depraved the human condition can be. I didn’t enjoy it, but had to finish it. It had that same ‘couldn’t stop reading but didn’t want to know what came next’ feeling. Intriguing but twisted.

Image from Book Depository.

Image from Book Depository.

Have you read it? What did you think?

Next time Catch22 by Joseph Heller.


Image via pinterest.

Meredith’s request was a pinterest board about teacups…… so here it it. 

P.s. I thought you would particularly enjoy this image Meredith.


Image From Rebecca Koontz Artist’s blog.


Image from aux peptits oiseaux.


Sashiko is a Japanese embroidery technique that has it’s origins in mending.

Sashiko in Japanese means literally ‘little stabs.’

Traditionally done on navy Cotton/linen with white, ecru or cream thread, it is a simple running stitch used to create a pattern.

This week my students hand in their modern versions for marking, and I am really excited to see what they come up with.

Of course I cannot show you their work because that wouldn’t be the done thing, I thought I might show you some of the Sashiko I have collated on Pinterest.

Has anyone out there tried it?

Please let me know how you found it in the comments below, or tell me what theme you would like me to pin around for the next What’s so Pinteresting?.


.....week 3 Advent 2012

…..week 3 Advent 2012

16: Sunday

Activity: Serve lunch to NTE mission team and church. 14year old, 9 year old, Tim and I did this one. 6 year old did her best to not need much supervision. A few other families from church helped as well. All in all pretty successful. (12 year old had a birthday party so was unable to participate.)

Had a bible verse planned but didn’t read it.

Extra Joy: Tim and the girls went to the local coffee shops Christmas party. I was all talked out and couldn’t face another conversation so stayed at home.

17: Monday

Activity: Dinner with Cousins. Really, really fun. With almost 3 teens (taking up much space) we are moving into a new phase of fun. Great fun joking about which mediocre superpower we would want…… which super power we think would be not very useful to us.

…..and how much enjoying movies can cost us.

I am loving this new phase of life with no bottoms to wipe or children to hand feed. Wasn’t sure I’d make it…. but we have. Hang in there if you’re not there yet. Older kids can be very funny and helpful and entertaining.

18: Tuesday too pooped for anything. Didn’t do the things planned.

…. a great post by Jodi of  ‘Sewfearless’ came into my inbox today, and it really rang true this year. Have a read if you feel like you are failing Christmas. We don’t even have a family photo all together that would have made a great Christmas card.

19: Wednesday Last day of school YAAAAAY


Dinner with family friends (planned). Great to get to know friends better and better.

Had a reading but didn’t read it.

20: Thursday

Had things planned but ended up at the pool with school friends and families… Great time. Had other activities planned and readings to read, but didn’t do them.

21: Friday

Didn’t do our reading for advent, although we had planned to, just enjoyed each others company….. over the activity.

Activity: Watch a christmas DVD We all enjoyed Arthur Christmas.

Pleasantly surprised by the number of nativities! The Salvo's playing carols in a front yard, kids busking for charity.....even an ice-cream van!

Pleasantly surprised by the number of nativities! The Salvo’s playing carols in a front yard, kids busking for charity…..even an ice-cream van!

22: Saturday

Last minute christmas shopping and packing for holidays.

Extra Joy: We did surprise the girls today, giving them a set amount of money to spend at our favourite book shop in the city. What a great treat it is to have kids who love reading. Tim and I even indulged in some holiday reading.

Did our activity though…..

Activity: Go and see the Local Christmas Lights.

Red tail-lights in the local Christmas Light traffic jam.

Red tail-lights in the local Christmas Light traffic jam.

Not really being very faithful with our advent this year. I am thinking a ‘non-christmas’ month of readings and activities may be a good idea. We have loved being together though and spending time with friends. I guess it’s good to embrace the moment and not be a control freak!

Some people take their Christmas lights very seriously.

Some people take their Christmas lights very seriously.

Facebook Friday

December 21, 2012

Image from Grammarly

Image from Grammarly.

Thanks Karen.

….and don’t forget to enter the giveaway…..

Facebook Friday

December 7, 2012

Great stories of recent days!

Our friends pete and Leila with Abram.

Our friends Pete and Leila with Abram.

First our lovely friends Pete and Leila are blessed by the adoption of Abram, and then my cousin Stuart and his wife Annie welcome two Kenyan boys Johnny and Wisdom into their fantastic family!

My cousin Stuart, his wife Annie, and 3 of their children. Grace, Johnny and Wisdom.

My cousin Stuart, his wife Annie, and 3 of their children. Grace, Johnny and Wisdom.

I can’t work out who is more blessed, the boys or the families that have welcomed them. What a great privilege it is to know both these fabulous Christian families and to rejoice with them in their new members.

Some of you might be familiar with Pete and Leila’s long road to adoption story. They were part of a story on Sunday Night on Channel 7,  a few months back and again just after they welcomed Abram.

My cousin’s story is a much more private one. The family moved to Kenya almost two years ago with the hope of training farmers. You can see what this looks like here on their blog  They have an orphanage as neighbours. It was only a matter of time…..


Angels from the Christmas collection. Upcycled from men’s neckties.

As no-one was forthcoming with another Pinteresting idea, I decided to make a board of the items available via my etsy shop this Christmas.

If you have been following along, you will know it has been a very slow year for harrysdesk. Although all the girls are now in school, I have missed my studio greatly. Unfortunately, I haven’t designed a decoration for Christmas this year, but still have some of the past years designs available.

I have a few more items to upload over the coming weeks, so pop back, if you like, and see whats new. I hope to add more owls, hair-ties and t-shirts…… so watch this space.

Now it’s your turn!

What should my next Pinteresting idea be?

You can choose by commenting below.

It can be as quirky or conservative as you like!