Pumpkin and apple Risotto by Ally at harrysdesk

1.Aji by Steph at Moobear Designs (1)

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes by Brenda at I’m Hungry Too

Vegetarian Meatloaf by Nikki at My Black Cardigan

True Spag Bol. by Sophie at her heart my hands

* Zucchini and Haloumi Cakes by Fran at lovely little sweetpeas

*Meatballs and Rissoni by Kat at Kats Creations

a. Braised Steak and onions by Curlypops at Curlypops

b. Parkers beef stew by Melissa at Miso Crafty

2.Baked Chicken and Pumpkin Risotto by Ali at Something This Foggy Day

Les tomatoes farcies by Inks at Our Nest Au Naturel

My (not yet) famous Spag Bol by Nathan at St.Eutychus

-Dinner from last night by Simone at another something

* Chicken and Bacon Stuff by Andrew at Something more seemed promised*

3. Chicken Mikaela by Nic at 168hrs

-Moroccan Chicken Casserole by Prue at My life as the good twin

*Easiest Risotto ever by Megan at Even the smallest

a. Charcoal corn cobs by cecily at Cecily. Mostly.

*Pumpkin Bars by Bloggy Mama at Look at us Now

a. Pizza rolls by Jen at Hey, Mrs Wilson!

b. Molasses Sugar Cookies by Sarah at The Fox and the Hounds

>After Angel Food Cookies by Heather at this other eden<

>Serious Pie by Ruth at Royden and Ruth

> Lemon Bars by Melissa at Honey Bee Buzzings

Talua Kari by Rachael at storian smol

-Toblerone and Berry Cheesecake by Meredith at The Key to the Door

*Chicken Pieces with Espresso Barbeque Sauce by Matthew at Crypto-theology

a. Chicken Stew (Estofado de Pollo) by Nic at Dividing the Word of Truth

> Cheeseburger Chowder by  George at exceedingly

Chicken Casserole by Wendy at Musings

*Lemon Tart by Gillian at Gillian’s thoughts

* Asian Style Chicken by Tamie at Cyberpunk + Blue Twin go back to uni*

4. Sticky Pear Puddings by Cathy at The Best Book Co-op

5. The best satay sauce ever. In the whole world. In the universe by Naomi at Our Gnome away from gnome

6 Gluten and Dairy Free Muffins found online and tested by Laura

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