Our holiday ….

July 18, 2012

The first week we stayed in our pj’s a lot, read a lot, watched movies at home …..saw Brave (which we had to do having a houseful of girls), some went and stayed with Grandparents and others did different fun things with friends..

On the middle weekend we enjoyed rock climbing. Lots of fun and sore muscles.

9 year old and 6 year old at the end of K central in their screen printed shirts and wearing their bejewelled foam crowns.

The second week of the holiday was when most of the organised activity happened. The youngest two girls went to a week long program called K-central, brilliantly organised and orchestrated by Abbotsford Presbyterian Church. The days were long and fun, craftiness and activity abounded.

13 year old and I went in one afternoon to help with craft. She introduced the kids to manga (Japanese cartooning) and I helped anyone who wanted to make lots of owls.

Some of the owls the kids made.

They  learnt about Jesus everyday within the medieval theme. 9 year old particularly liked the sessions given by an actual ‘archaeologist’ (who has done digs around Jerusalem) and 6 year old loved the singing and craft. We are so thankful to everyone involved in making K-central happen. They will be back next year.

Image from the powerhouse archives. Florence Broadhurst hand printed sample book.

In the same week 12 year old went to a week long movie editing/making/acting workshop run by ATYP with the help of the Powerhouse Museum. She learnt how to use Vegas Pro while making a trailer for a movie (starring herself) based on the life of Florence Broadhurst an Australian wallpaper designer who was murdered under suspicious circumstances in 1977.

Florence Broadhurst’s wallpaper designs. You might recognise some of these designs…… may have even lived with them. Image from hairpik.

 We are looking forward to the DVD  coming so we can see the final outcome. Yet again ATYP give us ‘bang for our buck’ with a well thought through enjoyable holiday workshop.

13 year old and I had a lovely time, sometimes together, sometimes alone. We went clothing shopping, which was mostly me saying “How about this?”. Clothing shopping is not her favourite thing, but we did get the things she needed, had lots of food breaks, saw a movie together and read. I loved the one on one time. Maybe all our school holidays should include a week were all but one does a week long workshop or camp. That way I get to enjoy extended time with just one.

What fun things did you do? Give us some ideas for next holidays.

Congratulations ………………

You are the winner of this…. Laura.

Thanks everyone who entered.

Not the boy.....but the Well Spotted Shirt.

Don’t miss the The Little Pink Owl give-away finishing this Saturday.

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December 6, 2011

In case you just look at the pictures and don’t read the text……

Enter now. Comment here!  Ends lunchtime today.

Ideas for Little Girls 

1. Upcycled Knit Pom Hair Accessories by Lil Blue Boo.

2. Puffy Bead Bracelets by Running With Glitter.

3. Non Slip Hair Bows by Make It and Love It.

4. Little Girl Romper by Make It and love It.

5. Braided Headband by Skip To My Lou.

6. Bonsai Tree Applique by Lil Blue Boo.

7. Lazy Days Skirt by Oliver and S (download).

8. Black Apple Dolls by Martha Stewart.

Ideas for Little Boys 

9. Upcycled : Shirt to shorts by Saltwater Kids.

10. 'Gak' by Make It and Love It.

11. Picture Matching Word Cards by Canon.

12. I Spy Bag by Make It and Love It.

13. Boys Shorts with Cargo Pockets by Craft Passion.

14. Upcycled Fused Plastic Belt by Lil Blue Boo.

15. Green Robot Stenciled T-shirt. by Lil Blue Boo.

Little Kids 

16. Personalised Memory Game by Momtastic.

17. A frame play tent by My Cakies.

18. Alphabet Wall Art by The Handmade Home.

19. Owl And Elephant Collages by Martha Stewart.

20. Kids size Ironing Boards by Duo Fiberworks

21. Rolling Pin Stamps by Redefining Creativity.

22. Nesting Dolls by the ETSY blog

23. Stick Horse by Light Blue Grey.

24. Felt Cookie Presents/Playfood by Redefining Creativity.

25. A Matching Game (Tutorial and Download) by Lil Blue Boo.

26. No Sew Pennant Banner by Place To Bloom.

27. Libray Totes by Noodle Head.

28. Dr Suess Activity Blocks by Sugar Bee Crafts.

29. Painted Block Puzzle by Momtastic.

30. Window Garland by Noodle head.

31. Accidental Painting by Lil Blue Boo.

32a. Thrifty Fort Building Kit by Saltwater Kids.

32b. Fort Building Kit ( all packed up) by Saltwater Kids.

33. Birthday (or Picnic) in a Suitcase by Funky Time.

34. Fabric Dollhouse (or Barn) by UK lass in US.

Well Spotted
hd: So, Tony, why work for yourself?
tc: Good question, it’s certainly not easy!
When I was small, my father’s job was a complete mystery to me. Now that I have a small person, I’d like him to know what it is that I do. He sees me printing t-shirts, he knows people in the shops that I sell to & he is well acquainted with the post office in Summer Hill where we queue up to send out my orders! What I do is tangible to him & he often comes up with t-shirt ideas for me which is a nice added way to engage with my son…
hd: Great reasons. Good chance he’s a little entrepreneur  in the making! So, in the last year, what exciting things have been happening at Well Spotted?
tc: Since last year Well Spotted has re-introduced adult t-shirts into the mix. Not too many because I prefer to see my prints making kids funnier!
hd: Do you have any new ‘funnys’ for us?
tc: This year I have tried to encourage my positive side and  come up with ‘Best. Day. Ever!’ & ‘Happy Go Lucky’ & ‘Sunshine & Lollipops & Rainbows & Everything’. Just try being grumpy when you’re wearing one of those!

Yes.... you could be the lucky winner of one of these Best. Day. Ever. t-shirts. See below for details.

hd: If we want to stay in touch with what Well Spotted is up to through out the year, how is the best way to do that?
tc: I sometimes engage with social media here – https://www.facebook.com/well.spotted but when it’s really important (like a sale) I will send a message to my mailing list which you can join by clicking ‘keep me posted’ here – http://www.wellspotted.com.au/

happy go lucky. Available in Blue and Aqua.

Shineshine...etc available in Pink, Orange and Yellow.

hd: Last year, rather than offer a purchasing deal on your shirt…. which are really well priced anyway…..you offered a give-away. Thank for that. What would you like to surprise harrysdesk readers with this year?
tc: Since I’ve been accentuating the positive this year I’ll give one lucky reader a ‘Best. Day. Ever!’ t-shirt. They come in coal or brown & are available from kids size 3-6m to 14y.

Thanks Tony!! I feel very posititve about that already.
Ok, so here is how it will work….
Leave a comment below telling us of one of your Best. Day(s). Ever. and you have the possibility of being spotted in the newest Well Spotted t-shirt.
Please only enter once…..
Prize drawn randomly ….lunchtime (sometime after 12 and before 3pm) on December the 6th 2011.

Fete Making (week 5 and 6)

November 1, 2011

2 pairs of girls PJ's

More making has been going on.

Naomi measuring up for the pinwheels.

Finished pinwheels....

....and more....

More baby shoes.

Beth on the overlocker.... making boys PJ's.

Boys PJ's....POW!

Although mostly we are getting together to make things for the fete, we have been having the most wonderful uplifting and encouraging conversation that ranges all over. This alone makes me want to get together all year on Fridays to make and talk.

We have one last get together before Saturday. Come see me at the craft stall if you are in the area.

Little espresso cup pin cushions.

Skirt and top upcycled from a dress.

I began making this skirt and top for someone else, but once I asked 4 year old to try it on to see how the size was ….. I couldn’t part with it.

Navy really is great on her.

The long sleeve t-shirt is made from a new t-shirt (k-mart on sale) and different bits and pieces from my stash. A lace doily, buttons and embroidery thread.

It’s a great little style for this age. Comfy and practical to wear all day, but looks really special.

I am loving the converted shirt and dress into this skirt and top style.

Here is another made last year for 10 year old.

Must write a tutorial for it soon so you can all share the love.

Singing in her new outfit.

Top detail.

Skirt detail. Pocket made from sleeve and shoulder of dress.

It’s all very exciting, not to mention busy, at our house at the moment.

During the craziness that was giveaway’s in the last couple of weeks, I managed to secure some self space at a local cafe. Palace Pantry in Petersham.

Some harrysdesk photos are up on their facebook page, and here are some more.

Some things you may not have seen before.

If you would like something, pop in and see them, or send me an email, if you can’t get down there.

I have gone for a naturals theme this fortnight.
Some owls and tutorials for brooches.

T-shirts, decorations and a glimpse of other artists works.

I think my bags were a little inaccessible last week, so I thought I would try a new spot near the window and a little more at eye level.

Tony Clayton of Well Spotted


hd: Tell us a little about yourself….

tc: I have arty pretensions & I love words. I only wear jeans & t-shirts. I don’t like shaving or getting my hair cut. I work from home so that I don’t have to shave or get my hair cut. I work for myself in an effort to spend more time with the family but just end up staying up late trying to get everything done!

hd: Wow, I think I am the female version of you . What did you think you would be doing when you were in school?
tc: I really wanted to take photographs of beautiful urban & rural landscapes, mostly at twilight.
hd: Ahh, how romantic……so why are you making shirts and not taking photos?
tc: I made printed t-shirts & other clothes which I sold at paddington markets during the halcyon retail days of the 80’s. Then I managed the printed ranges of Mambo for many years. When my wife got a job that required her to live in New York, we moved to a little box on Manhatten’s lower east side for nearly a year until budget cuts sent that job back to Sydney. Well Spotted started after that & originally was for a grown-up market but of course when our baby arrived it all became about him.
hd: So tell us about Well spotted as it looks today.
tc: I make t-shirts in Australia. I print slogans on them myself. Some are funny.
hd: So along with the photography, t-shirts seem to have been an idea that has been around for a long time too. Is that right?
tc: Well in 3rd class our teacher asked us all to bring in a t-shirt. She helped us cut stencils out of paper which we stuck onto a silkscreen. I went home that day with a little red apple printed onto a little yellow t-shirt.
hd: I hope you have tracked her down and given her a Well Spotted shirt!  Can you still remember what that first sale feel like?
tc: a commitment.
hd: Yep, I get that! What commitment are you making to all my lovely harrysdesk readers?
tc: I have three shirts you can give away however you like. The winners can choose what shirt they want from the website.

hd: Wow Tony, that is super generous. Thanks very much…..
I did suggest I just keep them all for myself…. but that isn’t really the idea. Ok…. how to give them away
  • SHIRT 1: Comment below telling me which is your favourite shirt from the Well Spotted site. If you win, this will be the one you get!
  • SHIRT 2: Write in the comments below your best slogan for a shirt. I will get Tony to choose his favourite and you will win a shirt. It won’t be YOUR slogan t-shirt but a Well Spotted one.
  • SHIRT 3: Comment on the blog over the next week (any post) and a winner will be chosen from those.  If you comment more than once… you will have more chances of winning.
Ok…. off you go! You have one week. I will let you know the winners on Wednesday the 16th.
(you can enter in everything or just one category)


Tutorial in the making..... stay tuned.

While you are waiting for my upcycled dress-up tutorial, check out these great ideas.

They all have accompanying tutorials, of varying difficulty , for you to try.

Any child on your Christmas list under five will love a dress-up or costume to unleash their imagination. I can think of lots of older kids who would love these as well.

Image from Apartment Therapy. Capes from T-shirts

Curly Pops gives a great tutorial for fabric superhero headbands.


Tool belt from Makeit-Loveit. Image hers too.


Very cute peter pan/elf/ robin hood dress-up by Made It and Love It. Image from there as well.


Fabulous petticoat/tutu tutorial. Another Makeit-Loveit. Image from there as well.

Fluffy Chiffon Skirt by Makeit and Loveit. Image also form there.

Super easy. No sew tutu by Makeit-Loveit. Image from Makeit-Loveit.

Chef's hat, oven mits and apron all from ikatbag. Image from her blog.