Repost: Will I make it this Christmas? T-shirts with Applique

September 29, 2010

T-shirts are a great Aussie Christmas gift because once Summer comes we live in them.

Applique t-shirts can be made fairly quickly in a production line, don’t require advanced sewing skills, use up small but lovely scraps and can be adapted to suit most age groups.

In this Martha Stewart tutorial, the t-shirt idea is extended to a baby romper. The best places to look for plain rompers are Kmart and Target or make a trip to the Bonds warehouse in Sydenham and stock up before you start.


Photo from Martha Stewart

The next examples are from Lil Blue Boo. In this tutorial she explores a bit further in regard to stitching. This is a beautiful blog if you are looking to be inspired further. Get yourself a coffee and check out her other tutorials.


Photo from Lil Blue Boo


Photo from Lil Blue Boo

Even easier than these are the hand-stitched appliques found here. You won’t even need a sewing machine, and I know that makes some of you VERY happy.

This technique could be done by school age children, with minimal help. I love being able to involve mine in the gift making/giving process and grandma/aunty/friend will feel the love.


Photo from Shim and sons

This guitar shirt for Charlie, the elephant shirt and the cloudy day shirt (made of course from recycled ties) are made using the applique technique.

Cloudy day shirt by harrysdesk

Cloudy day shirt by harrysdesk

Elephant t-shirt by harrysdesk

Elephant t-shirt by harrysdesk

If you are unsure what motif to choose, let the fabric give you some ideas. Sketch a simple version of something from the fabric (or enlarge it by photocopying the fabric) and make it.

I am going to try the owl, because he is so cute, and give the hand stitched project to  6 year old who is itching to craft something. I will let you know how they turn out. Please, if when you make something email it through. I’d love to see your ‘fancywork’. Don’t you love that word!

Happy sewing.


6 Responses to “Repost: Will I make it this Christmas? T-shirts with Applique”

  1. Ali said

    Hey, well I am watching in silence.

    And now I am wondering how much blog love would = an owl t-shirt ;).

  2. Caroline E said

    Thanks for this post and links, Ally. I’ve been waiting for J to get to the age when her drawing can equal an applique template. Today she got closer, making a lovely swirly owl, with 2 eyes, 2 stick legs and a lovely rainbow over the top! When my battery is not down to 15% and I can get to the study for the charger, where M has been banished, then I will have a good look at the links. Should be fun!

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  4. […] at these tooooo cuuuuute owl all-in-ones she made for some new babies in her life, inspired by the applique post here and a bit of browsing through some of the blogs it links through to. Particularly this […]

  5. […] may recognise the owls from my Christmas applique post . The pattern is original to Lil Blue Boo and is available to download. We changed it a little by […]

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