Fete feedback

September 11, 2011

The school fete is fast approaching, so I have been raking my brain and the internet for some inspiration. As usual….lots of ideas….not a lot of time/money to create some craft stall winners.

So….. what I would love from you is some feedback.

What should I (and my band of crafting mumma’s) be spending our hours making? Please let me know in the comments below what you would buy at a school fete and a rough price.  Also if you have kids….ask them. Lots of kids bought things from the craft stall last year. I would love their feedback too.

'Make It Modern' boxy pencil case tutorial. Image from blog.

Cupcake bath bombs.... aren't they adorable. Image and tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets.

Fabric Headbands. Tutorial and Image from Foofanagle.

Last year we made these and these inspired by my friend Kat. This year maybe these windmill drinking straws. The tutorial and image source is at 'Ginger and George'.s

Galactic Sparkly Playdough from Neatorama. Image theirs.

More girlie Sparkly Playdough by One Crafty Mumma. Image from her blog.

Very cute library bag. Image from Sew Mama Sew

Aprons for little ones. This one from Sew Much Ado. Image theirs

Sleep masks. This panda one is too cute. I think I could maybe try some other animals as well. Idea and image from Craftster.

Fabric boxes at 'The Sometimes Crafter'. Tutorial and photo from her blog.

Cute baby shoes...... Image via Jennifer Ladd for Sew Mama Sew.

Fabric wall hangings. Image from Sew Much Ado.

Egg-cup pincushions by 'The Sometimes Crafter'. Image hers.

Tea Cup Pincushion by Punk Projects. Image and tutorial hers.

Kit ideas….so the kids can do it themselves.

Cookies in a jar from Bakerella.....thanks Cath for the tip off. Image from Bakeralla

Seed bombs.....either made or as kits. Image from Gardening Australia.

If you have never heard of these….and the picture isn’t helping at all. Have a look at how to make Seed bombs. This could also fit into the next category…. things for kids to make and do.

Things for kids to buy…. and do…

Hair braiding ..... from 'Method of hair braiding'

Friendship bracelet. Image from Honestly WTF

'I could make that' corner bookmarks. Image and tutorial from that blog.

Other ideas :

  • cards
  • lavender bags
  • door stops
  • origami brooches
  • oilskin lunchbags
  • felted stuffed animals
  • berets or hats
  • homemade heating pads
  • pet rocks
  • summer snowballs (for water fighting)

If you want to make any of the crafts yourself, all the images have a click through to a tutorial. The fast approaching holidays is a good time to try some of them out.

For an idea of what we made for the craft stall at last years fete, look here and here and here.


17 Responses to “Fete feedback”

  1. Caroline E said

    Ooooh!! I like the pencil case, fabric hair band, pin cushions, baby shoes and library bags. No idea how much I should pay for them. Will it be another combined effort with Laura and Beth this year?
    Happy sewing!

    • allysonadeney said

      Hi Caroline,
      Not sure who I will be crafting with this year as yet! May have to do things as I get a moment.
      I will let you know.

  2. Laura said

    I like the Cowgirl Cookies…I would buy that to gift for someone. Also the pincushion cups and Hair Braiding!!! I like the idea, hoping no one would turn up with nits though. That could be uncomfortable.

    What about your headbands made from tie material. Even in blue for school.?

    What were some of the best sellers from last year?

    • allysonadeney said

      Yep the nits thing is a bit of a concern!
      I might do some headbands from tie material….I have been testing them. I also have lots of little bits of cotton which could look really cute.
      The best sellers from last year were the people shaped cards, the giant windmills and the windmill pencils, sock monkey type toys, fabric wristbands, hair things generally and the pre-made iron-on owl appliques.
      Are you keen for a bit of crafting this year?

  3. My 11yo daughter has been asking about doing some craft together. I can definitely see her wanting the try some of these. I like the pencil case, headband and Cowgirl Cookies.

  4. Hard to choose! I especially like the pencil cases, headbands, baby shoes and cowgirl cookies.

    • allysonadeney said

      Hey Nic, The great thing about the cowgirls cookies is that the tutorial has printable labels. Hard to beat that for ease.

  5. […] am still hoping for some more feedback ….. it’s really, really helpful so please do if you haven’t […]

  6. Kat Israel said

    My favourites: Pencil cases – but make them a useful size for school. My kids have been given several very cute pencil cases which don’t get used as they are too small to be very useful.

    Baby shoes (btw, I looked for the tuntorial on the page linked to, but could only find a picture and comments…what am I doing wrong?) are lovely. Similar style pre-walker shoes made from leather sell for between $15 and $30+ in shops and ebay.

    The fabric boxes are great – maybe sell in sets of 3 graduating sizes?, and I think library bags are useful and theres lots of scope to have different designs/colours with wide appeal. But again, make them a useful size – big enough for large picture books.

    I love the corner book marks too, but prob wouldn’t pay much for one as made from paper…so it depends on how long they take to make.

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks Kat….and nice to hear from you.
      For the shoe tutorial there is a click through to a PDF . Try that and let me know how you go.
      Great points about the pencil cases and library bags!
      I was thinking that maybe the kids could make the bookmarks at the fete. A bit of an ‘on-site activity’.
      Thanks for the feedback… really helpful.

  7. Laura said

    May be keen, I am away with kids for holidays though. Thinking something to do with my grandma while I am away?? Maybe some card people. I have a lot of the stuff left from last year.

  8. Cath said

    So many good ideas. Thinking of what things I might buy: headbands, library bags, my kids would love the pet rocks! Cowgirl cookies would sell really well I think, and the fabric boxes. I’m not convinced about the pincushions because I don’t think all that many women even use pins anymore, unlike your crafty self.
    So impressed by all the effort…

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