If you would like a commission done, or you would just like to contact me without appearing in the comments section of the blog, my email address is as follows.


ally”at”adeney “dot”net   

(Sorry about the code) 


Thanks Ally.<‘v’>

22 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Liz Cox said

    Hi Ally,
    How are you!! Nice to see you on here!
    We are living in Derby in England and I work at St Giles’ Church here as family and children’s worker.
    I am doing a seminar at the Northern Women’s Convention in MAnchester on 10th October. Would you mind if I quote your top 5 things I ahve learnt comments? The info about the seminar is here:

    I’ve asked a few other friend sto give their comments about things they would say about child raising to younger women. I thought your comments are a really good insight into what we learn about ourselves, not so much about parenting and would really be great to include!

    Lots of love Liz

    • allysonadeney said

      Hi Liz,
      Great to hear from you. Long time no contact.
      How are you and your family going? We missed you at the college reunion this last week.
      Of course you can use them. My comments, I mean. I hope they are useful to someone.
      The conference looks great. Hope it goes really well.

  2. leanne said

    Am coming to sydney for a few days and wondered if you would be free to catch up. I have rang and left messagesal but you’re a hard person to catch. Talk to you soon…….. Say Hi to the girls Leanne

  3. Annie said

    Hi Ally!!

    I thought you might be interested in an event I’m going to.

    “This is the first ever unofficial official Seth Godin Linchpin worldwide Meetup. A completely non-commercial chance to find and connect with other members of Seth’s tribe, an opportunity to talk, challenge, and inspire your fellow travelers”.

    There are 658 of them happening on the same day around the world. Let me know if you can make it to the Sydney one – 74 linchpins attending so far – it’s going to be awesome!! Oh, and I’ll See you Friday!

    Annie x


  4. Christine said

    Hi Ally,
    I like the second on the end fourth row down from the top.
    But I think they all look great – with loads of personality!
    whichever you send will be greatfully received!

    • Ally Adeney said

      Cool Christine… Do you mean this one? I will pop ‘Ola’ in the post shortly. Thanks again for harrysdesking Ally

      • Christine said

        Hi Ally, thanks for ‘Ola’ who arrived safely and is enjoying life in the ‘Gong’.
        Great to read your blog.
        Thanks again

      • Ally Adeney said

        An absolute pleasure! Thanks Christine. Ally

  5. Beth Braga said

    Hi Ally,

    Here is the Knitting community website that we were talking about, and the blanket I thought was great.


    I think you might have to join ravelry to see it, but that is free.

    Happy dreaming of projects!


  6. Paula Tucker said

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  7. Jo Bartyn said

    Hi am really interested in your bags from ties. How much do they sell for? Also interested in anything that is made from old boooks

    • ally adeney said

      Hi Jo,
      Sorry for the slow reply. I have been having a blogging break!
      My bags made from ties sell from between $100 and $200. You can see a gallery of them by using the link below my header, Enjoy.
      I also have a second blog called ‘art is cheaper than therapy’ where I make artworks ….mostly collage…. using old books and papers.
      Thanks for your enquiry.

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