Advent (Day 1-7)

December 8, 2011

Advent 2011. Stones wrapped in squares of fabric like bon-bons.

Day1: Tree

Day 1:

Stone: Tree

Bible discussion: What is it? What bible stories can you remember that have a tree in them?

 Answers ranged from Zacheus through to creation and palm Sunday. (No White tree of Gondor….which was my concern)

Activity: Put up the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree up. House and tree decorated.

Day 2: Water.

Day 2 :

Stone: Water

 Activity: 8 year old and 5 year old had race night for swimming ….so this was the activity.

All the family went along to encourage them along.

There are plans for water to reappear later in the calendar.

Gratuitous cuteness photo of 8 year old and 5 year old at 'Club Night'. This was 5 year olds first time racing . Very excited.

Day 3 : …………

Day 4: Ladder.

Day 4: Shepherd's Staff.

Day 4: Wheat Sheath.

Day 4: Hammer.

Day 4: Man.

Day 4: Woman.

Day 4: Menorah.

Day 4: Cross.

…………………………………..Day 4:

Stones: Shepherd’s Staff, Ladder, Wheat sheath, Menorah, Man, Woman, Hammer, Cross.

 Bible discussion:  Read Matthew 1: 1-25.

Talk through generations.

Demonstrate each generation with a plain stone (putting in the Jacob, Ruth and Tribes stones).

Activity: Write to the oldest member of the family. My grandma (95).

We all wrote to her and some drew pictures. For some background music we listened to Sara Groves Generations (Thanks Susan for introducing me to her music)

As I mentioned in the original post, advent activities and reading does not always run smoothly .We had one  family member melt down on this one. Issue: very disappointed that we didn’t have a separate activity for each stone……) but eventually came back to the table to write her letter.

What our activity looked like. The 14 generations from Abraham to the Exile and from the exile to David and from David to Christ..... yes we added in extra stones.

Day 5: …………..

Day 6: Sin.

Day 6: Spirit.

Day 6: Message.

Day 6:

Stones: Sin (Forbidden Fruit), Spirit (Dove), Message.

Bible Reading: Mark 1: 1-9

Activity: Watch the Jesus film up until Jesus is Baptised by John the Baptist.

One girl was missing for this one. She was having a birthday dinner with a friend, but we decided to push on without her.

Day 7: …………………

Decorations up and Advent Calendar under way.....

How is yours tracking?

More next week.

2 Responses to “Advent (Day 1-7)”

  1. I am so very very inspired right now, Ally! So beautiful. Worth the effort. xxc

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks Cathy. It has been our most enjoyable Advent calendar to date. Really not that much work…. and no-one seems to have missed the treats (yet!)
      How is yours going?

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