Bliss Bomb: Samara Hook of Piquant Jewellery

March 3, 2011

hd: Tell us a little about yourself….

sh: hmmm… well, I’m currently a stay at home Mom with two gorgeous girlies who both keep me very busy! I love being a mummy and am really grateful for the opportunity to stay home with them (most days!) I love creating, op-shopping, baking, cooking, friends, good coffee, lazy sundays & photography!

hd: What did you think you would be doing when you were in school?

sh: A pilot… my dad seemed to have so much fun being one, I thought it would be a great job.

hd: So how did you move from wanting to be a pilot, to making beautiful jewelery?

sh: I’ve always loved being creative & enjoying doing crafts & sewing. I think my mum really nurtured this in me – doing lots of cross-stitch, crafts, sewing & knitting when I was younger (I still have a beautiful bear – a project one school holiday). During high school I made quite a few of my own clothes – my favourite was a skirt made of ties! I took a hiatus from doing much creating after I finished high school till my daughter turned up! Suddenly I had all this spare time & lots of nights staying at home so I started to make some jewellery for myself!

hd: I would love to see your tie skirt!

What is it about jewellery that captured your attention and started you down the path of making it over the other things you just mentioned?

sh: I’ve always loved different, unique jewellery. So I guess that comes across in the items I make. I have a short attention span, I love to get a result fairly quickly so I guess that’s one of the things that appealed to me about jewellery.

hd: Describe your first sale?

sh: AMAZING! I couldn’t believe that someone I didn’t know wanted to buy something I had designed and created. I’d sold lots of jewellery to family and friends before that first “stranger” sale, but I kinda always believed they did it just because they knew me.

hd: As the first ‘Friends of harrysdesk’ blissbombs for the year, what are you offering us?

sh: I would love to offer Harrysdesk friends 15% off the total of any purchase for the next 2 weeks! You can find my items at my Madeit store or in my Facebook sale album. Just mention the harrysdesk bliss-bombs when you purchase an item and get a discount!

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