Granni Jan turns 70

May 3, 2012

The family…..a few half heads and non-lookers….. always the way with this many of us!

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated as a family.

It was Granni Jan’s 70th birthday.

Granni Jan….

We had such a lovely day at the Flying Fox Park in Mona Vale.

As part of our gift to Granni Jan my sister in law, Sarah collected messages, poems and memories from across those 70 years and collated them into a book. My message will be the last to go in…a report of sorts about the day.

The day played out a little like a 7 year old birthday party.

The party was in the park….

The grand-children decorated cupcakes…..

….to complete a big birthday cake.

Crafts (flowers from socks) were made by the kids to give to Granni Jan as a bunch of flowers.

My wonderful sister-in-laws for organising these cool crafts.

The theme of the party was flowers and blue….. and our space was appropriately decorated.

…all ready to go.

We even had a mintie chase, and an easter egg hunt.


Of course along side these activities we enjoyed lots of chats, hanging out  and being thankful.

We almost lost Jan a couple of years back, and this just made the celebration of her 70th birthday all the more sweet.

I have the unique pleasure of being Granni Jan’s only Daughter-in-law. I love my Mother-in-law which is such a treat for me. She is a woman who has given her everything to love and serve God and others….. but she hasn’t lost her uniqueness in the process. She’s a beautiful ‘older woman’ to have in my life.

One of the things being in this extended family has taught me is how to be more demonstrative with words and actions. They are amazing at it… I still have a long way to go….. but I thought this was a good excuse to share a list of things I am thankful for and love about my mother-in-law.

1. I am thankful and love that you are still with us.

2. I am thankful and love that you make time to sip appropriate beverages and chat.

3. I am thankful and love that you read and grow and think deeply.

4. I am thankful and love how you welcome each of our children and love them in their uniqueness…. even when it makes your head spin.

5. I and thankful and love that you understand broken-ness and help us work through it ….. however long that takes….or is taking.

6. I am thankful and love your competitiveness at scrabble.

7. I am thankful and love that you make the phone-calls and don’t leave it all up to me.

8. I am thankful and  love the way you have accepted me from our first meeting.

9. I am thankful and love that you give me the freedom to love your son.

10. I am thankful and love that you take care of all things meringue related.

11. I am thankful and love our pre-meal fussing in the kitchen while everyone else is off being active!

Happy Birthday Granni Jan.

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