Holiday freezer clearing

April 23, 2012

Each holidays I try to clear my freezer of anything lurking in the shadows.

I usually ‘google’ the main meat ingredient and perhaps other ingredients I have in the cupboards and fridge and see what turns up.

Some of the meals were, in 12 year olds words….”Not a stand-out’.

Two, however were lovely, so I thought I would share.

Pork Tenderloins from Simple recipe. Image theirs. Mine didn't look this good but it tasted wonderful.

Pork tenderloins with Apples.

The whole family ate with gusto! I will be making this one again.

Thai Chicken mince with rice. Image from Taste. Again mine was not quite this photo-worthy, but delicious all the same.

Thai flavoured chicken mince with rice.

Chicken mince seems to always be reduced at the supermarket. I often buy it and then I am unsure what to do with it. Well….. not any more. Everyone loved this and I will be cooking it again.

Both recipes were very simple and family friendly.

Do you clean out your freezer periodically?

What great recipe gems have you got to share?


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