Hair Clip Swap

June 9, 2010

On Monday, in the post, I received these.

Hair clips from Sophie at her heart in my hands

My clips are all packed up and went in the post yesterday.

Owlie hair clips for the swap

Thanks Laura for organising this…. there is one coming your way for your trouble. Enjoy!

Clip Swap

April 17, 2010

My friend Laura, at Lily & me is having a hair clip swap.

Go to her blog and sigh up to be part of the swap, but hurry…. it ends soon.

18/4/10 News just in….. the date has been extended to 31st of may to register, then you will receive your clips Mid June.

I am in.

Will show you my clip soon.


December 6, 2009

Back in October….. which became for me the ┬ámonth of give-away blogs …. I ‘met’ Sarah from Christopher and me.

Sarah makes beautiful , fresh children’s accessories and clothing. I especially like these.

Sarah featured the Pink Humbug bag on her blog, and congratulated me on making the front page of etsy with a lovely comment.

Now comes the big confession. I haven’t managed to make all my Christmas presents. I have come close, but I think I have failed once again. I think I have made more this year than any other year…. but I have officially failed.

The next best option in my mind is to exchange extra things I have made for extra things others have made.

I emailed Sarah and asked would she like to partake in a $ for $ swap. She said YES!!

Yesterday I posted off the pink Humbug to Perth…. and she is sending me 5 pillowcase dresses. I’m so excited. Can you tell? Now all I have to decide is who gets which one.

Lily the lion

September 1, 2009

I just received this!

How cute is my goddaughter!

My friend Laura followed the instructions from this post on applique tutorials to make her daughter this stunning outfit.

How cute is this!

How cute is this!

Close up

Close up

Keep sending your creations through to me . I love to see them.

Maybe I could also organise a few swaps if there is enough interest.

Basically if you make two of something you’re really happy with, you could swap it for something someone else has made of similar value. What do you think? That way we can all share the love.