Two shirts become one skirt.

November 21, 2012

An adults tunic dress and peasant shirt into a skirt for 6 year old.

Some of you may have already seen her in this.

A super comfy fun favourite.

….and so super easy …..

Sorry it’s been so long since an upcycle!

Lily the lion

September 1, 2009

I just received this!

How cute is my goddaughter!

My friend Laura followed the instructions from this post on applique tutorials to make her daughter this stunning outfit.

How cute is this!

How cute is this!

Close up

Close up

Keep sending your creations through to me . I love to see them.

Maybe I could also organise a few swaps if there is enough interest.

Basically if you make two of something you’re really happy with, you could swap it for something someone else has made of similar value. What do you think? That way we can all share the love.