Click on the image to see a collection of inspirational pictures with a letter writing theme.

Well here it is…… How Pinteresting!

Meredith suggested a collection of images to satisfy here letter writing phase. I took the theme where-ever it choose to go in my mind….. so I hope I have fulfilled the brief 🙂

She also wrote a great post a little while back about using 20 minute time lots to put pen to paper, that might interest you here.

I just love this image of vintage packages.

So what’s next? You choose. Remember it’s interactive, and if no-one chooses I will have to bore you with my collections.


Facebook Friday.

October 26, 2012

Some of you may have noticed that for a while now I have worn goggles on facebook in support of free swimming lessons, because for a while now I have felt quite passionate about kids learning to swim.

Swimming is the ONLY extra curricular activity we insist our girls do, because it’s about safety not about having elite athletes.

I’m not looking for gold medalists, I’m looking for them to be competent strong swimmers….and we have watched the fun follow.

Fortunately, we  have been able to fund this desire, but many are not…. or don’t realise the importance until it is too late.

‘Royal Life Saving’s earlier estimates that 1 in 5 kids are unable to swim 50 metres may be overly optimistic and it is now believed that more than 1 in 5 may not be able to swim at all. Today, an estimated 600,000 young adults are at risk; tomorrow and in the next decade we fear this figure will double.

Royal Life Saving believes that the rapid increase in drowning in young adults aged 15-24 years is undeniably linked to a fall in the swimming and water safety skills of children in Australia over the past 10 years.’

from the petition site.

Here is the most alarming bit!

‘The National Drowning Report, released by the Royal Life Saving Society last month, found 45 drowning deaths in 2011-12 among 15- to 24-year-olds, a 25 per cent increase on the five-year average. More than 600,000 young adults in that age group are at ”extreme risk” of drowning, the society says.

More teenagers are drowning despite overall figures remaining flat over the past decade, with about 300 Australians drowning every year.

from smh.

The Royal Life Saving Society have decided to petition Government organisations to make learning to swim compulsory in Australian Primary Schools.Please sign this petition.

Thanks Ali for this pinteresting idea.

Some of you will know I am not really a camper.….. but I used to imagine I could live in a trailer or caravan when I was little . Yes, big dreams indeed!

Here are some pretty ones.

Click through to see some other beautiful ideas.

I love the Rene Magritte painting as the colour palette in this one.

Now I need another idea! Anyone ……?

Portraits made of books. Image from My Human Computer.

Yes ‘How Pinteresting?’ is still interactive. Please leave your ideas for pinning in the comment section below.

But….to continue with my extended book week posts, I have put together a group of images related to the book.

You can find them by clicking here.

And don’t worry Ali….. I have pushed your idea for pinteresting caravans and airstreams until next time…… hope you don’t mind.

I love this idea! Image from Disney family fun.

As there were no current takers for the interactive Pinteresting series I decided to pre-empt the upcoming book week celebrations, with a collection of 50+ ideas for costumes.

In the collection I have made sure there are lots of simple “last minute’ ones and many ‘no sew’ ideas.

50+ book week costume ideas.

I have tried to be fairly generic, and stuck to books over movies.

This years theme is “Champions read” and parades are approaching fast (August 18-24)

Let me know what you think….. and if you use any for your children.

This ‘cut-out doll’ idea I love……. but I am not sure I will be able to persuade one of my two to do it.

We will see.

For some ideas from past years, you can see them here and here and here.

Lots of these costumes we still have and are happy to lend, if you live close.

We love a good dress up at our house!

Image from hersocialnetwork. Single lights adorned with upcycled items. Bucket, conductor, wine bottle……not sure what that is…..torch and vase. 

Deb has given me the search item for this interctive series… How Pinteresting…..

She is in the early renovation stage and it thinking about light fitting for single pendant lights, for the kitchen dining area. The area she describes is mostly white and wood, and wanted some ideas. She was also keen that I included some DIY’s in the mix…. and of course, I had to include some upcycled ideas as well. Light fitting can be crazily priced, so I have mostly looked around the real world (via the virtual one) rather than in the stores to put together a ‘Light’s for Deb’ pinterest board. I’m sure she will find something here she likes.

With a similar theme to the photo above, light fittings could be made using kitchen items. I am thinking a colander, tupperwear bowl or even a vintage cake tin or mixing bowl. Can you think of any others for Deb?

…. alternatively give me your  ideas to collate on pinterest.

I haven’t forgotten about the fete…. more on that later next week.


Facebook Friday

July 6, 2012

Thanks Michelle….. me too.

Image from Santa Barbara Chic. I love the simplicity and order of this photo.....

….so the series continues.

Caroline asked for

How about wooden things, upcycled? Is that too broad? I also love woollen yarn or coloured threads, and quilted stuff.

Sure…. but just one. Coloured threads.

If you would like to see the rest of the pinning in this category, go ahead.

…..and who wants to go next. Remember it’s interactive. All you need to do is comment.

A simple tutorial of a beautifully simple and stylish wok of musical art. Image from Secret Pie Shoppe.

Last ‘How Pinteresting’ Laura said…..

I have been trying to look for interesting ways to decorate with a music theme. We have these dinners with musicians and I thought it might be nice to add something like to the table or on the serving area etc.. Just something a little special and not complicated.

So I pinned a wall full of musical Interiors…. I slipped a few non interior things in there as well if you would like to have a look.

As this is an interactive series, you get to choose the next board I put together.

Just leave a general or specific comment below, and I will find some lovely images to share.

A really cool and unusual upcycling idea from Apartment Therapy.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago…. I thought I would like to try a comment lead series via Pinterest.

The idea is that you leave a comment letting me know what sort of collections you would like to see. It may be as simple an idea as flowers, or blue, or fantastic stairs….. but could be quite specific if there are ideas you want but can’t find them. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I love looking at images and imagining visual possibilities. Maybe I can find a collection of images you don’t have the patience or time to look for. I’d love to!

Let me know what you would like to see next….. or I will have to choose… like this time.

I choose upcycling!