Book wreath. Extra fabulous because it can be used all year round! Image from Kyandra.

Book wreath. Extra fabulous because it can be used all year round! Image from Kyandra.

One of my lovely bloggy friends Meredith told me last ‘What’s so Pinteresrting…” that she was really enjoying her Christmas wreath this year…. and suggested that I make a collection.

That suited me fine because I quite like wreaths myself, although this year our door is bare…… as is the house…. as is our advent calendar etc etc. More on that later.

Click through here to get some other inspiring wreath images.


P.S Sophie I haven’t forgotten your vikings…..


DIY Advent Calendar by Design Sponge. Image sourced from there.

Meredith’s got a fabulous idea for fantasticly simple bible content here. Love it especially this close to Dec 1.

Cathy gives insightful day by day content here. 

Nicole….shares some great ideas here.

If you know what you want each day to hold, but need a little visual inspiration, have a look at my pinterest board here. 

This year I have an unusual plan which focus’s on letters….. we will see how that goes.

To see what we have done in previous years look here and here and here.

I just realised that our advent events for 2012 are not collated….. so I will get onto that.

Enjoy, and let me know if you come across anything inspiring.


Image via pinterest.

Meredith’s request was a pinterest board about teacups…… so here it it. 

P.s. I thought you would particularly enjoy this image Meredith.


Towards Light… image from flickr.

I am a little disappointed to be showing you another of my boards, full of images that interest me. What’s so Pinteresting is supposed to be interactive. Yes you get me to collect ideas for you!

Anyone want to choose a theme for next time? Just leave a comment below.

In the meantime enjoy my collection of fabric designs, and ideas for fabric designs.


Image From Rebecca Koontz Artist’s blog.


Image from aux peptits oiseaux.


Sashiko is a Japanese embroidery technique that has it’s origins in mending.

Sashiko in Japanese means literally ‘little stabs.’

Traditionally done on navy Cotton/linen with white, ecru or cream thread, it is a simple running stitch used to create a pattern.

This week my students hand in their modern versions for marking, and I am really excited to see what they come up with.

Of course I cannot show you their work because that wouldn’t be the done thing, I thought I might show you some of the Sashiko I have collated on Pinterest.

Has anyone out there tried it?

Please let me know how you found it in the comments below, or tell me what theme you would like me to pin around for the next What’s so Pinteresting?.


Source: Simplypi

Source: Simplypi.

As I haven’t had anyone give me new ideas for this, the next interactive pinterest, I thought I would show you some lovely ceramics.

Let me know what you would like to see. Just leave a comment below.

You can see more beautiful pieces here.

inredning 072

Image from Millas hem.

I am going to continue with the interactive Pinteresting this year.

Caroline suggested last year that she would be interested in a collection of shoes….

Mostly I have gone with vintage shoes.

You can take a look here. 

Let me know what you like… and if you would like me to put together a collection for you of anything. Just leave your ideas in the comments below.

213428469811042041_hTPskl1a_cFor those of you who follow me on Pinterest, you will notice I have been spending a lot of time there lately…. Among other things I have found so many quotes and word posters and inspirational sayings. While some have substance, are thought provoking and even encouraging, the vast majority of them are ‘piffle’… as my mum would say.

They are a little like new years resolutions! Easily identified with or desired but offering no help in the achievement or simply so far from truth and reality that they are unachievable…… so I thought I would pepper my resolutions with them for your entertainment.

See if you can separate the profound from the piffle :0

What do I want more of, less of, more focused attention to and to try afresh in the new year?

244812929714902312_WlzxoqFl_c-read my bible more ….. help with a bible reading app on my phone. (begun)

66709638199915150_045eaef6_c-listen to book-club books rather than read them for a year. (I will read the first one ……as I have it and possibly the time)

7459155604765688_zntr0v4v_c-teach my girls to ‘notice’ what needs to be done for the house to function, and do it. (begun)

152348399864164112_vWDhJIQM_c-begin a degree in Fine Arts at SCA. (I’m IN officially now, so I can tell you). I enrolled yesterday.

32721534764544952_j8Q3NHhC_b-eat more simply and healthily (we all really need this)

61783826107513790_kqyrGdR9_c-continue teaching at ACU (just one first year class this year)

123567583496282722_UtB8m7TR_c-go to bed earlier (this will be hard and so worthwhile)

247205467016684412_3janNjXD_c-blog less (yes it’s true)

15270086206387475_q6apR33j_c-pray more and with focus. (…looking for helpful hints on this one. How do you focus and do?)

24769866670014562_4gIWmHRZ_c-call my Mum more (yes I need to repent of this and use the phone which I hate)

186055028327440283_A7n0vc7h_c-continue to volunteer. (This will need to be looked at carefully. 1 church, 3 schools and a number of sporting clubs gives many opportunities…..trying to work out how to be helpful but not overly burdened)

52776626852831585_AllpPZ4R_c-think carefully through what each member of my family needs and encourage and support them towards that. (Many different hopes and dreams on one household can mean frequent disappointments, tears and joys. I hope this year to roll with all the ups and downs of it without becoming emotionally exhausted)

249316529342375621_5SjWIvEH_c-spend money on experiences. (Less little bits spent on frequent, short lived enjoyment and stuff, and more money spent on relational and memorable experiences).

90916486197068932_VAC9oDWl_b-be content (be thankful for what I have and run with it rather than always be looking towards the next thing)

24980972902547609_95p7sVYt_c-complain less and not ‘rage against the machine’. (My critical nature needs a good kick in the teeth! This year I want to channel it towards things I can change or improve).


-spend more time with old friends and new.

Ok, bloggy friends…. there it is.

What have I missed?



Angels from the Christmas collection. Upcycled from men’s neckties.

As no-one was forthcoming with another Pinteresting idea, I decided to make a board of the items available via my etsy shop this Christmas.

If you have been following along, you will know it has been a very slow year for harrysdesk. Although all the girls are now in school, I have missed my studio greatly. Unfortunately, I haven’t designed a decoration for Christmas this year, but still have some of the past years designs available.

I have a few more items to upload over the coming weeks, so pop back, if you like, and see whats new. I hope to add more owls, hair-ties and t-shirts…… so watch this space.

Now it’s your turn!

What should my next Pinteresting idea be?

You can choose by commenting below.

It can be as quirky or conservative as you like!


Click on the image to see a collection of inspirational pictures with a letter writing theme.

Well here it is…… How Pinteresting!

Meredith suggested a collection of images to satisfy here letter writing phase. I took the theme where-ever it choose to go in my mind….. so I hope I have fulfilled the brief 🙂

She also wrote a great post a little while back about using 20 minute time lots to put pen to paper, that might interest you here.

I just love this image of vintage packages.

So what’s next? You choose. Remember it’s interactive, and if no-one chooses I will have to bore you with my collections.