Another Penhall!

July 20, 2011

Silvery grey Penhall..... with floral lining.

I’ve just posted this new one on etsy

It’s the second promised bag made using the colours inspired by you. You can see the green and blue version here.

I’m loving it, and was glad of the opportunity to put a silver grey bag together….as I have been wanting to use this colour combo for a while.

So thanks…..

The repositional rosette....

....and the back.

...the oval base with pleats...

The bag is also completely reversible. The other side is lined with a liberty-esque floral in blue green and grey tones with a touch of pink….so it’s a bit girlie.

...a peek at the inside....

The first Penhall for sale on etsy..... $140


Even closer. Rosette brooch detail.

The back.... or front (you can choose)

The base.....a pleated oval.

....a peek velvet.

But wait...there's more.... it's totally reversible!

Even switch the rosette to the navy side.

....and of's a harrysdesk.

Lots of you will have an extra 10% discount on this price…and some even 20%….. due to the special anniversary bag give-away.

Thanks again to those who entered.

If you would like to sling this on your shoulder (or someone that you know) let me know and I will give you your special code word, so you can access your discount.

For a more detailed description and measurements ….. go here.

The winning bag

June 13, 2011

The anniversary bag.

The drawing

The first of the anniversay bags is done…. and delivered.

Although the 5 years old says it looks like an upside down pair of undies, I have resisted the urge to name them knickers, undies or y-fronts…. or to enter into any conversation with her about who these ‘undies’ would fit…. even though she would love to.

The Penhall bag in small and medium. I added a button clasp which pulls the sides in a little.

No. The new bag will be called the ‘Penhall’.

Customarily I name new bags by the surname of the first person to own that style. Because …. as I mentioned earlier, Heidi already has a bag named after her….the “Broadbent’ (her married name) so this time I have used her maiden name.

So …introducing the “Penhall” with absolutely no reference to undies!….I think it’s best.

Now I better get cracking on the etsy ones…..