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April 13, 2013


Two slightly different photoshopped images woven back together.


A ‘re-pixalated’ necklace.

You can see more of the process at Art is cheaper than therapy….. my other blog….. if you are interested.

Tim is , as I write, moving and rearranging his office.

So this upcycle gallery is dedicated to him…. and anyone else out there who has some office waste that needs upcycling.

Bic Ballpoint Pen Chandelier by En Pieza. Image from Inhabitat.

Upcycled security envelope tags. Image from etsy.

Telephone lamp by Junktion.

Junktion lamp phone.

Made from Italian paper clips and split pins! by margaritamileva via etsy.

Rubber band necklace by Paolavolpi Gioielli. Image from the site.

Fun at the fair…

June 17, 2010

4 year old and I headed off to the Craft and Quilting Show in Sydney today, and had a lovely time.

It is a very different trip when you have a little person in tow, so although we didn’t see all the things I would have liked, I think we saw all the sparkly stores and every stall with buttons.

We also spent a good percentage of our time sitting, eating snacks from the bag and chatting.

All in all she did a great job at being ‘gentle’, keeping her hands behind her back when requested and politely excusing herself when she wanted to be closer to the action. On the whole stall holders were happy to be chatted to and asked questions by her.

I even managed a few purchases….

"Stork scissors" one for me, and some gifts for the present box.

Much imagined but never before seen (by me) colourful crochet cottons, for handstitching harrsydesk bags. YES! It was hard to stop at 5 colours.

Loooovely wool shanks and big big needles. As you can see I couldn't wait to get started..... during one of our many 'chats'.

A very carefully chosen red plastic butterfly bead 4 year old is hoping 11 year old can make into a necklace for her. It's called Lucy Butterfly Fairy.

Image from etsy. Tutorials available for sale.

Image from etsy. Yoola

Crochet wire and onyx earrings. Image by Yoola

Long red necklace Photo by Yoola

Tiny beads.... Beautiful Image from etsy Tutorial available

...adn it you don't want to wear them.... a lampshade. Etsy image

It’s hard to believe these pieces are crocheted.

One of the things I find most inspiring is the way she has used a technique that was familiar to her in an unexpected way. I guess this is sort of what I do with my bags. although it hadn’t occurred to me until I started writing this post. To make my bags and Journals I use very tradition patchwork techniques. Sometimes you just do something without asking too many questions.

Yael write an interesting post on the etsy blog here, explaining how she went from a talked about, popular but unsuccessful sales-wise artist, to a popular successful selling artist. I found it very though provoking. Let me know what you think. you can find the article here.

Yes crocheted! Etsy image.

What’s in my wardrobe?

April 14, 2010

Recently I was tagged by Ali to tell you what in my wardrobe I can’t do without.

Although I studied fashion for 3 years at the National Art School (East Sydney Tech) I don’t really enjoy shopping and lots of the other smoozy aspects of fashion. I have in the past wardrobe consulted and will probably do it again (for others outside the family). I may even write a ‘do it yourself’ tutorial later in the year. Let me know if you would like this.

I shop mostly at Op shops and other very standard places like Target and Kmart.

I try to only keep clothing I actually wear so I have a surprisingly small wardrobe, for someone with my background.

My favourite Abix Swirl T-shirt by harrysdesk

  1. Jeans: At the moment I do with two pairs. 1 black, 1 dark blue. (On the hunt for a new black pair… although not very diligently)
  2. Black T-shirts: I have about 2 weeks worth on rotation. I wear T-shirts all year round (and jeans too actually) I just put long sleeve T-shirts underneath. I do look at other coloured T-shirts when I shop, but for some reason I look like a clown in a most of them.
  3. Coloured Runners: I have red, fluorescent green and pink. This is the one area I give myself permission to spend. If they are interesting and comfortable (essential) I will find it hard to say no. Anyone seen a great purple pair anywhere? I would love some, but they are elusive.
  4. Cardigans: Presently a bit low on these at the moment (a little troubling, given the current change in weather) I have a favourite pistachio green woollen fine knit one. It has a permanent owl ‘Frita’ broach on it. The cardigans began when I moved from ‘out of the house’ work life to ‘being home with my girls’ mostly.
  5. Fabulous harrysdesk bag: Whenever I create a new style of bag I use it first. This way I can test it to see if there are any problems with it. This means that I can improve them as I go. And it means I get to use one and not just make them for others. When I am through testing and enjoying I pass them on to my girls, who lend them back to me if I need them.

My current harrysdesk handbag. I am really enjoying the shorter strap ( which I didn;t think I would.)

I also really enjoy my scarves, interesting necklaces, an few skirts with footless tights and my black docs.

I would love to live somewhere colder so that I could indulge my love of coats, or work somewhere public so that I could indulge my love of jackets. In the mean time I will indulge my love of flannelette PJ’s.

Here are the rules.

Title your post- Meme: Five things in my wardrobe that I wouldn’t be without. (Ooops!)

Tell us who linked you.

List your 5 wardrobe items.

Paste these rules at the bottom.

Tag 2 or 3 others to join in the fun!

Cufflinks by Onthebead. Image from etsy.

Necklace by Vintagebroachco. Photo from etsy.

Bracelet by edmdesigns. Image via etsy.

And just so you know it’s not all wearable….

Figurines of bikes from watchparts. Via fine arts blog

I know not a lot of you will have these kicking around waiting to be upcycled for fear of extraordinary amounts of landfill, but they can be put to unusual and inspiring use.

image from Skate or DIY

Reply image via Kris Lovett Dot Com

I have blogged about these previously here.

Image from: via greenluxury

photo from etsy.

phot from 2ReVert Etsy store

This one reminds me of honey joy biscuits. Image from skatestudyhouse

Belt buckle . Image from alldeckdout on etsy

bangle by alldeckdout Photo from etsy

Even buttons. You know how I love buttons. Image by sevenply

These blew my mind.

Ring. Image from Bellucci, Italy

Broach. Photo from Bellucci. Designer Maria Cristina Bellucci

It got me thinking (and searching)….. what else can be upcycled from pencils?

Image from Greenwala. Shoes by Lauren Milroy

Photo from etsy

Photo courtesy of etsy

image by totatedepingles on etsy

The Tulip by StaceyDawn. Image from etsy

Paper Fashions

October 21, 2009

During the school holidays 9 year old  made paper chains and we were having a discussion about how you could use them in clothing. I suggested if you scaled the size down to maybe half, if would make a very groovy necklace. She was interested in the idea of creating a whole dress from them ala knights of Camelot.

Then I found this…. by Tommy Ton by Tommy Ton

Problem is, I am now seeing necklaces like this in other places, and I can’t work out if I like it or I am just fascinated by it because of our uncannily timed conversation.

What do you think? by Tommy Ton featured

a work in progress

August 20, 2009

Have a look, if you are not sick of my photos. Please give me feedback. I’d love to know what you think.

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I want to say a massive thank you to Christen who was behind the camera. Please contact me and I will put you in touch with her. She especially likes candid briefs and really enjoys family shoots.