An illustration from the book. Image from the book smugglers.

The beginning of our holidays has been rather slow…..which is great!

We’ve played lots of board games, watched lots of movies, listened to music and read alone and to each other.

Today we rented (via itunes which we love…no late fees!) Hugo and enjoyed it again.

I didn’t enjoy it on the computer monitor as much as the 3D version of the movie at the cinema though which is a bit strange. Some of you might be thinking…we duh… big screen, 3D, compared to a little screen and 2D….. but I don’t usually like 3D movies and will often look for a ‘normal’ session.

Aaannnnywaayyyy….. it got me thinking again about how we receive content.

It makes a difference when the medium matches and enhances the content.

We react differently to content depending on how it is presented.

…another image from the book via the book smugglers.

Some movies we HAD to see on the big screen and in 3D because we thought they would be better that way. Like Hugo and U2 3D. Other times we will choose between movies by what would be better bigger and what makes no difference. Romantic comedies, for example. are just as enjoyable on the small screen at home as at the movies.

Books and movies can work like this too. Some movies are better than the book, like ‘The Firm’ or ‘The Bourne series’. Can’t think of others……

Mostly, of course, ┬áthe book is better than the movie. The first thing that springs to mind is “where the wild things are’….. but there are many more.

Some books and movies are equally enjoyable but for different reasons. ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘The Harry Potter Series’ and ‘The Narnia Chronicles’ are great as movies and as books if you let them stand as movies and books. I enjoy the story in both mediums but wouldn’t give up experiencing one for the other.

So enough of my pontificating.

Has anyone read the book Hugo ? Some of the reviews I have read say the movie is better! What do you think?

…and while we are at it…. tell me your thoughts on content and medium.

What other messages are effected by medium?

Are there things you would read but not watch? Watch but not read? How about your kids?

I would love to hear your thoughts.