Save the date…..

June 17, 2013

A sneak peek at the work in progress.

A sneak peek at the work in progress.

Exciting news in the last couple of days for me.

Some of my new work has been selected for a miniatures exhibition on the 7th of August.

This exhibition is the key Sydney College of the Arts event in the Sydney Design program….. so it’s kind of a biggish deal. It’s a big deal to me as this is my first ever public exhibition as an artist. I have only ever previously shown my work here!

….anyway…. I would love to have you all come to the opening on Wednesday the 7th of August. I know it’s a long way off, but I also know lots of you are busy, so put it in your calendar if exhibitions are your thing.

More info as I get it.


I’m really enjoying watching this girl in her happy place.

This weekend 14 year old has been putting the final touches on her year 8 major art project.

Part of being at a school that focuses on the visual arts is that the school can indulge in a few quirky assessments.

For this project students from year 8 to year 10 are given about 8 months  to complete an HSC style  ‘self directed’ piece of art. The time frame and the open-endedness of the project means the students learn lots of things about time management, focus, and exploration.

Having one idea that develops over months is very confronting for a generation used to instant-ness, but she has done so well.

I remember how stressful it was doing 2 major works for the HSC (all those years ago), especially for my Mum….

….I am hoping that the 3 years of practise prior to the real deal will all be as enjoyable for both of us.

More photos to follow.

More details of ‘Three pears and a pomegranate’ Click on image.

Artmaking Part 1

August 4, 2012

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on where to start creating again.

These are some shots from the classes so far.

I was a bit out of practise and unsure so I spent some time sketching, using the inspiration you all suggested.

This is what the first week produced.

This image from decor8 became…..

…. became this pencil sketch.

Image from the house of turquoise became……

…. this very ‘not really convincing’ pencil sketch.

I cropped the image from decor8 to become……

….. this little A3 collage (brown paper with ‘pencil paper’, charcole ad pencil. I am quite pleased with this one.

During the making of the collage I put a sheet of graphite carbon paper underneath as I worked. This was the result. Interesting as every mark comes out the same colour.

This image from ‘the bottom of my ironing basket’……

…..became this pencil ‘hatching’. Surprising myself a little by how much I enjoyed making this. I am pleased with the result.

During the second week I developed a couple of these ideas.

Using the pears and pomegranate I worked with crumpled handmade paper, collagecross hatching, ink, pencil and stitching to start creating an artwork. It will take a while to finish….. lots of stitching to come.

The beginning of the A1(ish) work.

I have decided to keep an online visual art diary with another blog. It’s called ‘Art is cheaper than therapy’

If you would like to follow along with the creations, that is the place to go.

I will link to it occasionally, and it will be purely notes and pictures.

I would love and welcome any feedback via comments….. even negative ones.

See you soon when you can help me decide where to go next.


Image from 'Can you catch a mermaid?' by Jane Ray

Author/Illustrator: Jane Ray

Genre: childrens picture books

Artists medium: mixed media

Age Appropriateness: kids get it at about 4…… It’s very girlie…..

Introduction: I bought ‘Can you catch a mermaid’ for our oldest when she was in kindergarten. I picked it up in the book shop because it was so beautiful and my daughter loved/s mermaids. When I read the story I cried at just how suited this book was at the time. The girl in the book struggles with understanding friendship and lives in her own little world. That’s exactly where she was…….

Other work: Noah’s Ark, The story of Creation, Snow White, The Apple-pip Princess, The Doll’s House Fairy, The story of Christmas, Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden, Clasic Fairy Tales, Ahmed and the feathered girl, the twelve days of Christmas, Lines in the Sand, Nativity, The Children’s book of bible stories-Let there be light, Hansel and Gretel…..and an advent calendar.


Her Words:

 “Historically, from medieval times through Victorian and Georgian periods there has been a strong tradition of exquisitely illustrated books for very wealthy people,” she says. “It is only recently we have stopped putting pictures in books for adults. I love the idea of adults having pictures in their books. It’s a great shame that you’re not allowed to have illustrations in your book if you’re over seven.”

Video Interview: A look inside the theatrical Snow white pop-up book

Other things they do: Look here for some colouring bookplates based on some of here books.

Art: Jane Ray illustrates for other authors.

She has illustrated  Christmas cards for a variety of organisations including greenpeace and UNICEF.

The Circus Trundled..... by Jane Grey from the book Ahmed and the feathered girl.

Dreamed of Aurelia From the book Ahmed and the Feather Girl by Jane Ray.

Painting by Jane Ray. Image from Primaverauk site.

Painting by Jane Ray. Image from Primaverauk site



Don’t touch the artwork!

August 17, 2011

Look closely at the graphic rectangle artwork at the back..... yep..... mousetraps. Classic!

Gotta say…I also love the cow rug ….although it’s not a shared love in my house, so I guess having one on my blog is as close as I am ever going to get.

# ht apartment therapy.  Click on picture to see the whole house…… it’s pretty quirkily inspiring.