Belinda giving an artists talk in Tamworth.

One a  week for the past two years I have had the delightful pleasure of working for the lovely  Belinda Von Mengersen….. she is also my lovely friend. Lucky me!

Well, now it’s lucky you too because Belinda’s work is part of the collection of textile art currently showing at Manly Art Gallery and Museum until the 21st of July.

Every three years the Tamworth Textile Triennale collects together textile artists under a simgle theme. This time it is Sensorial Loop. The shows aim is to  showcase to a public the changing ideas and professional craftsmanship associated with contemporary textile practice in Australia.

The Dusting Cloth by Bel Von Mengersen. Image from abc local.

The Dusting Cloth by Bel Von Mengersen. Image from abc local.

Belinda’s work as you can see is beautiful….. and according to her ‘photographs badly’, so I can’t wait to see it for real….finished.

Strawberry Thief (1883)

source: The original Morris & Co.

Lately I have been working on an assignment for uni that gave me a chance to revisit and enjoy one of my favourite artists of all time, William Morris.

William Morris was an arts and crafts master….along with Architect Philip Webb. He worked extensively with fabric, wallpaper, furniture and ceramics.

Here is how his official website describes him….

‘William Morris was the single most influential designer of the nineteenth century, and remains today one of the best known of all British designers. This is due to his extraordinary talent as a pattern designer, his colourful and inspiring life story and to his forceful intellect and personality. Morris was much more than a designer; he was a fervent socialist, scholar, translator and publisher, an environmental campaigner, writer and poet.’

Most of you will know his work even of you don’t know his name…. he was that good. His work is still available world wide, and is so beautifully designed it holds it own 150 years later.

Here’s some more for your enjoyment.

Love is Enough (2013)

“Love is enough” Source: Morris &Co.

Garden Craft (1908)

from the Morris & Co site.

Golden Lily (1899)

Golden Lily Print by William Morris. Photo taken from Morris & Co.

Love this….

December 11, 2012

...shaddow work. Image from here.

…shadow work. Image from here.