The folded fabric wrapping trend known as furoshiki. Image from II-NE-KORE

Furochic has video how-to's for many different shaped gifts. You can even buy the book on it. Image from Furochic.

Make the perfect snowflake... with the help of kerliand animals. Image hers.


Martha Stewarts tutorial for dying doilies for using in gift wrapping. Image hers.

Yes Martha does it again! Muffin papers topping homemade jam. Image from martha stewart.


Beautiful and simple 'paperpoms'. Tutorial and download. Image from Nice package.

Lino print Christmas cards to make. Tutorial and photo from Apartment Therapy.



The irony of being green

September 16, 2010

Kermit was correct, being green really is tough, so tough that the color itself fails dismally. The cruel truth is that most forms of the color green, the most powerful symbol of sustainable design, aren’t ecologically responsible, and can be damaging to the environment.’

.… so says the New York Times.

Just thought I would leave you with a bit of Friday irony!

Happy World Environment Week!

Use this week to celebrate the Creator through enjoying this creation and being better stewards of it.

Some of the ways you might do this are:

  • take a walk somewhere you would normally drive. Try doing it all week!
  • plant something
  • only buy things that you need. try doing this all week!
  • use everything in your fridge before it goes bad this week
  • ‘waste time’ enjoying God’s creation as you go about your day.
  • visit the zoo/garden/aquarium or similar
  • re-read the creation story and enjoy again the wonder of God’s amazing creativeness.
  • reuse something
  • drink only water this week

How does caring for the planet fit with our everyday lives. These books may give you some ideas to start with!  They review well, although I am yet to read them. Will let you know when I do.

‘It is a witty, story-based approach to the green conversation. Green Mama is a project for moms who are too busy to think about composting but really want to make a difference. It’s for moms who believe that God created this world and actually cares about what we do with it and how our kids experience it.’ by the author

“This engaging book has everything you need to understand the climate change debate: facts, answers, stories, and of course Scripture. It will inform the merely curious or answer the skeptic or equip the person who wants to fix the problem. I loved it!’ Amazon review

Leave a comment and let me know how it goes…. or what you are doing already to care for the planet. I would love to hear your thoughts.

*** I have changed my appearance of the blog to celebrate… but just for this week!

What do you use for a hot water bottle? What do you cover it with?

We have used pillowcases and tea towels and drawstring bags in the past, but now we don’t have to because we have these.

Well, not all of these. I am on a roll now and making them for my nieces and nephews…. pity about winter finishing today, but, oh well. We will be all prepared for next year, and a few tummy pains.

….and while we are on the topic of hot water bottles… up electric blankets (if you haven’t already) will do wonders for your budget, your safety  and your planet!

Queensland’s Department for Mines and Energy has lots of energy wise tips.

Here’s what they say about hot water bottles.

Use a hot water bottle and a blanket when watching TV instead of using a heater. Consider using a hot water bottle in bed instead of using an electric blanket. It cost less than 2 cents to boil a kettle of water and a hot water bottle will stay warmer for longer without using any electricity.

And scientists are using tests to show that Granny really did know best for those other types of pains!