Belinda giving an artists talk in Tamworth.

One a  week for the past two years I have had the delightful pleasure of working for the lovely  Belinda Von Mengersen….. she is also my lovely friend. Lucky me!

Well, now it’s lucky you too because Belinda’s work is part of the collection of textile art currently showing at Manly Art Gallery and Museum until the 21st of July.

Every three years the Tamworth Textile Triennale collects together textile artists under a simgle theme. This time it is Sensorial Loop. The shows aim is to  showcase to a public the changing ideas and professional craftsmanship associated with contemporary textile practice in Australia.

The Dusting Cloth by Bel Von Mengersen. Image from abc local.

The Dusting Cloth by Bel Von Mengersen. Image from abc local.

Belinda’s work as you can see is beautiful….. and according to her ‘photographs badly’, so I can’t wait to see it for real….finished.


Towards Light… image from flickr.

I am a little disappointed to be showing you another of my boards, full of images that interest me. What’s so Pinteresting is supposed to be interactive. Yes you get me to collect ideas for you!

Anyone want to choose a theme for next time? Just leave a comment below.

In the meantime enjoy my collection of fabric designs, and ideas for fabric designs.

Rocks for advent? all the details by clicking on the photo.

Some of you may have noticed a new page below my header…. and not a moment too soon. (like everything I do).

I have collated our advent calendar activities, readings and adventures for you to share and use.

We went with the ‘December is very busy’ approach and although we had a parcel for each day in December we planned from the start to open more than one each day and include some of our communities activities within the calendar.

It worked pretty well…..and included NO LOLLIES but ROCKS!

More advent ideas can be found here if this one doesn’t float your boat.

Yes! This is the week to be finalising your advent plans, if you haven’t already.

Painted rocks for advent.

Image from Kristen Doran’s blog.

Around Christmas time last year I was fortunate enough to win a giveaway on facebook of a bundle of Kristen Doran fabrics. I was so excited, as had for sometime admired this Aussie fabric designer. Kirsten makes beautiful handmade prints and puts simply gorgeous kits together which make you want to make them up RIGHT NOW!

I had great plans for the fabric, but have only realised some of them. This years has been like that! Many plans with only a small proportion of plans materialising. Great and fantastic other things have happened ….. but most of them unplanned….


The Matryoshka Dolls in Red & Pink on White and Gold and Red on white fabric panel was part of my prize, and I decided to use it to make items for the upcoming school Spring Fair.

…. another image from Kristen Doran’s blog.

I think this is what is intended to be made with the panel, but I wanted to share the love around rather than make a larger multi-pieced item which would never get the value on the craft stall…..  and I had to make sure I used every last bit!

That said…. if I still had little girls I would have loved this on their beds and for imaginary play and for using with them when they go through the ‘how everyone in the family fits together’ stage.

Here is what we did with them. (yes I had some other crafty mummies helping me again this year)

Christmas decorations in 3 sizes.

A mother and her daughters.

Here you can see some of the pretty backs.

The tiny ones were made into Christmas decorations and the large Matryoshka Doll prints we made into rice bottomed (so they stand up) padded dolls. I’m so pleased with how they have turned out. What do you think?

Standing up dollies.

Playing in the grass…..

I’m going to find these hard to donate.

I also received some gorgeous fang monster fabric that Kirsten designed with one of her sons… which unfortunately seems no longer in print! I have a plan to make something for my littlest nephew. I will keep you posted.

2 Grandmas, 2 Mothers and 2 Daughters.

Has everyone one in Sydney received there Ikea catalogue in the post?

Exciting times!

This is the first time in 7 years since we have had one delivered, so it’s all pretty amazing.

I love seeing how ideas are styled together more than I like buying things…. which is great and very cheap enjoyment.

Before the catalogue arrived, however, I did purchase ANEBODA, for a linen cupboard.

The beauty of the Aneboda is the $89 price tag, the down side (and the thing that has meant I haven’t purchased it before now) is the ugly see-through plastic panels on the doors.

No doubt this keeps the price low, but ….really…. this is the best option?


I decided to hack the cupboard so I could enjoy it both for it’s price and it’s appearance.

…. and I’ve included a quick tutorial so you can too. There is no sewing required!

What you will need 

  • glue gun and glue
  • cardboard (I used the box the flat pack came in)
  • about 1/2 m of fabric. (if it is wide enough) otherwise approx 2m of fabric

How to do it.

1. Measure carefully the plastic section of the cupboard door you want to cover. Using the cardboard that the cupboard came in cut 2 rectangles the same size as your measurements minus .5cm in the length and width of each piece.

2. Lay the cardboard pieces down on ironed fabric. I choose stripes….. (I purchased this from Ikea too) and cut around the cardboard leaving about 5cm turnover on all sides. If you are using a changing stripe (like this) or a fabric with a large and obvious repeat…. this is the time to make sure the pieces are cut with this in mind.

3. Using a glue gun (or similar) pull the fabric tightly around the cardboard and glue down. Do this to both sides.

4. Again using the glue gun…. glue panel straight onto the plastic panel in the door.

close up.

5. Repeat for other door panel.

6. Wha-la. Enjoy your much more spunky cupboard for about $5 extra.


Inspiration: Ann Wood

July 25, 2012

Sinclair. Image from Ann Wood.

This artist, Ann Wood, makes beautiful one-of-a-kind sculpture from antique clothing. The aging of the antique piece is not seen as a disadvantage but as an opportunity for aging a new creation.

Very high end upcycling. I love it.

On her blog she takes the reader through the process of creating some of these pieces and also has photos of past work. Click on an image to take you through to the blog.

The antique coat used to make Sinclair by Ann Wood.

Facebook Friday

July 20, 2012

An image from the MET BALL. Image from facebook via Camille Styles Moore.

Each chair was covered with a different Prada print from collections past.

Like Overall Baby, I love a great print. ….. and red.

1. Chalkboard Necklaces by Henry Happened.

2. Felt Ball Necklace by Purl Bee

3. Twig Necklace by henry Happened.

4. Sewing Kit in a Jar by Martha Stewart.

5. Paper Clip Earrings by Evie-S.

6. Recycled Woven Rug by Craft Passion.

7. Fold-over bag by Noodlehead.

8. Little Letter needle Book by Emaykayee.

9. Silhouette Jewellery by Less than Perfect Bliss.

10. Feather Hair-clips by Henry Happened.

11. Clay Necklace by Henry Happened.

12. Embellished Resin Rings by Tatertots and jello.

13. Beach Towel Tote by Redefining Creativity.

14. Swatch Portraits by Purl bee.

15. Vintage hankie Pillow Cover by Noodle Head.

16. Fabric Beaded Jewellery by Make It and Love It.

17. Dip Died Scarf by Henry Happened.

18. Love letter Corsage by Less Than Perfect Life Of Bliss.

19. Confetti Earrings by Evie-S.

Image from Lauren Childs book 'Who's afraid of the big bad book?' source: bswigshoppe

Author/Illustrator: Lauren Child

Genre: childrens picture books

Artists medium: collage, pen, photo montage

Age Appropriateness: 4 and up.

Introduction: Of course, I had seen Lauren Child’s artwork used to animate the Charlie and Lola series of books but one Christmas I came across “Who’s afraid of the bog bad book?”. After looking through it quickly I saw that it was perfect for our no. 2 who at the time was about 6. It’s a fantastic read aloud and talk about the pictures….. as your read the font becomes part of the illustration and experience. Turing the book this way and that it makes for a very fun experience.

Other work: Beware of the storybook wolves, many of the Charlie and Lola series, The Clarice Bean series, The Princess and the Pea, The Pesky Rat,I want a Pet, My Dream Bed, Hubert Horatio Barten Bobten -Trent…



For all the surface brio of illustrations that are crammed full of everything from photographs to fabric scraps, in person, Child remains as tentative as her books are bold, as hesitant of her success as her characters, with their crimped mouths and vast, wary eyes, appear to be of their exuberant environments.

Video Interviews: An extended  interview about how she became a writer illustrator.

Her website: Milkmonitor…. a very fun and arty website.

Other things they do: Lauren works with UNESCO to help children in need.

Her work can be purchased through the Illustration Cupboard.

This one I find super exciting…. Lauren’s illustrative style has been commissioned  by Liberty of London for fabric. Beautiful and playful.

You can find out about the design process here.

Image of Lauren Child fabric for Liberty from Design Wotcha

Image taken from the Design Wotcha of Lauren Child fabrics for Liberty.

… and more on the brooch choosing….

Earlier I posted on 4 tag brooches as alternatives for the ‘Bronte’ bag , for my friend Dani.

After talking to her more, she thinks maybe a rosette would hit the spot better.

So here we go again….

Rosette brooch 1: Waratah with tails.

Rosette brooch 2. Covered button with crochet.



Rosette brooch 3: Black starburst with lace tail.

Rosette brooch 4: Circles on circles.

I’ve got a hunch which one she will choose…. which one do you think it will be!

Rosette 2.


Rosette 1.

Rosette 3.

Rosette 4.