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It’s not too late to do your little bit on World Environment Day.

One of my favourite children’s websites has joined forces with a bunch of sponsors (one who happens to be my sisters business) to put together this great resource.

Look at the ideas page….

….and think about how you might get your local schools, communities or churches involved next year. Maybe do something small yourself today!

Happy World Environment Day.


Are you the Jetsons?

February 8, 2010

Yesterday Nomes sent me an interesting link that I thought was worth sharing.

Image from Wikipedia

Energy Australia are wanting to test run an energy efficient home. They need a family to live for a year (rent free), in a partly furnished purpose built house in Newington, and write regularly about their experience. The family will also have the use of an electric car for the duration of the ‘experiment’.

Does this sound like you?

” And we’ll probably need a family who’s got a good sense of humour and plenty of patience, because not everything we test in the house we know is going to work perfectly every time.”.

The A team are thinking we might throw caution to the wind and submit an application. Sounds fun.