November 26, 2013

Hello hello hello….. yes I am still alive and I am slowly coming up for air. Crazy busy last couple of months. I will share with you over the next few weeks some of the highlights and a few other things I have been slowly saving for you over those months.

But for now….. something fabulous. Poppytalk calls it ‘What happen’s when you give kids thousands of stickers. Take it as a pre-Christmas warning….. or Encouragement …. if you like.


Beginning with an all white room …..


…. in the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane …….


Yayoi Kusama…..


….. gave children stickers ……


…… and over two weeks……


….collaborated with the artist …….


….. by placing stickers anywhere they wanted.


Two weeks later…..


…..The Obliteration Room ….. was complete. 

Hat-tip  Poppytalk,  stuart addelseesccart, and heybubbles and colossal).  Via The New Domestic. …. so apologies if you have seen it before. 
I think it appeals to me because it’s how the last half of the year has felt like, but makes it look so much more joyful than it was some days.
Though out it all Tim was fabulous and the kids were great. I am hoping and praying that in the next month leading up to Christmas I can embrace the joy in the chaos….. and get to take the opportunity to serve them, and others, like they have been serving me. 



This one is called 'Fresh Hues. Image by Design Seeds.

This blog is great.

If you are scared of colours…. or not confident with them…. or just want to explore some other possibilities you might not otherwise think about…. this is a great place to go.

You can just browse the latest colour palette she has chosen for the post or you can look for specific colours you want to blend other things with.

It’s truly beautiful and inspiring.

"Finch Tones'Image from Design Seed.

'Speckled Tones' by Design Seeds.

From Design Seeds.'Cranberry tones'

Image from Design Seeds. 'Frosted Hues'.

…. seriously I could go on all day.



October 25, 2011

A couple of months ago one of my favourite blogs Apartment Therapy posted a series of videos that make sense of colour in interiors (although I think the theories hold true across all colour design fields)

Colour is tricky.

White isn’t white.

Some colours approach and others recede.

There is a reason interior designers get paid to make rooms ‘feel’ a certain way. They know stuff.

It’s a bit like a science that is not taught in schools…. generally.

Like physics or chemistry, some of us have an instinct for it, while others are very afraid. But like physics and chemistry you can learn it (in theory)!

Following are 4 short videos that begin to make sense of some of our big colour questions.

1 Colour Families….. or which colours look good together 

2 Warm and Cool Colours

3. The 80/20 rule 

4. Easily Changeable Colour

Love It!!!

March 21, 2010

How cute is this little work space!

Romantic and functional.

I’m loving the cupboard thing…

That blue is amazing. I’m being drawn to it everywhere at the moment.

Image from apartment Therapy.