Image from the dirtgirlworld site. For more info click on the picture.

It’s not too late to do your little bit on World Environment Day.

One of my favourite children’s websites has joined forces with a bunch of sponsors (one who happens to be my sisters business) to put together this great resource.

Look at the ideas page….

….and think about how you might get your local schools, communities or churches involved next year. Maybe do something small yourself today!

Happy World Environment Day.


Rain gauge gumboots by Regina Regis via The Cool Hunter.

Gumboots have somehow made it into ‘street wear’ in Australia.

This, I think, is a new thing.

Sure, dairy farmers and ice-cream factory workers, kids and cottage gardeners have been sporting them for years, but now I see them on the streets of the suburbs and in fully enclosed shopping centres.

Is this merely a trend, or a wardrobe essential?

The Rain Gauge Boot …for those in search of hard evidence that it is raining more and more…. or just for the fun of them.