Yes…it’s so exciting! harrysdesk pieces are now available at ‘My Messy Room’

‘My messy Room’ is a quaint and sweet kids and interiors shop with interesting yummy things at every turn.

Here’s how Stav (the owner) describes it…..

‘A stylish life, a room that’s rife with fabulous favourite things! A space for us, and all our fuss, full of the the joy that family brings. This t-shirts too tight – but fits my brother just right, these hand me-downs still have style that bites! With pretend chef hats we’ll learn how to cook! Then we’ll snuggle for hours with your favourite blanket and book. Play hopscotch and elastics and have old fashioned fun, and on hot summer days we’ll make sandcastles in the sun……

…My Messy Room stocks all sorts of interesting and unique Gifts, Furniture, Books, Clothing, Toys and Decor including; vintage wallpaper, hair clips, vintage prints, retro lamps, plushies, hand made dolls, paper dolls, designer children’swear, baby brands, games and puzzles, nostalgic gifts, children cooking, childhood keepsakes, family heirlooms, children’s bedding. ‘

….. and now harrysdesk brooches, owl brooch making kits and giant hair ties!


My Messy Room: 111a Smith St, Summer Hill, Sydney NSW 2130 …or visit online 


Some new owls….

February 25, 2011

New owls for palace Panrty…


Another Christmas present……

I really love the colour combination. A classic.

... the back...

An owl mummy and little one.


Lovely blue and white ticking on the inside...

A satchel with owl brooches to finish it off.


November 1, 2010

PDF owl tutorial $4

Thanks to everyone who entered.

I will send the winners an email soon to work out how to deliver your goodies.

… and the winners are ….

  • PDF harrysdesk owl tutorials: Dearkeesha, Ali, and Alessandra
  • tutorials with pieces: Catherine and Theresa
  • wobbly owl t-shirt: Quinn

Owl tutorials with all the pieces you need to make your first one. $8

Extremely wobbly owl t-shirts $44

Congratulations everyone!

I will email everyone later today about there prize.

If you didn’t win, but you would still like a tutorial, a piece pack or a t-shirt, you can find them all at my etsy store.


Challenge Day 4, 5 and 6

September 27, 2010

As promised , the next days of the kids clothes week challenge.

Using these two fabrics together with a few other bits and pieces….. a dress with rosette.

Debbie Mumm fabric

Close -up of op-shop crocheted singlet top.

A dress for 7 year old. The rosette is a brooch.

Rosette close-up.

Close-up of 4 year old dress with rosette brooch.

Upcycled dress for 4 year old made from a shirred skirt of mine. Really happy with this one. So easy! I think I might write a tutorial in the coming weeks so you can all make one.

Upcycling this skirt got me all excited to see what else I could change to be useful. I know I should of taken a photo of the before items, but I just didn’t. Sorry. These two op-shop pieces are pretty standard though. A collared shirt, and a tiered elastic waist skirt.

Here’s what I did with the shirt…..

Lovely square doilies.

A collared shirt I bought at the op-shop for myself. I do try every now and then to break the black t-shirt habit, but it wasn't to be. Nice little print though.

A skirt for 10 year old. Looks a lot better on a body. I will try and get some pictures in the holidays.

Close-up of pocket detail.

Rosette brooch. Yes! that is an old tape measure used as ribbon, and the collar of the shirt was used to make the fabric rose.

Black doily shirt with rosette brooch.

The challenge was met. I did spend more than 1 hour a day sewing, but it was lovely to have the challenge set to kick off some sewing for the kids. I will make 11 (almost 12) year old something these school holidays… so she won’t miss out.

I’m going to be holidays too, so …. I have scheduled some things for your enjoyment and inspiration.


Ally <‘v’>

More owl tutorial feedback

September 9, 2010

three owlets by Steph of Moobear designs

Another one of my lovely testers Steph, has sent me photos of her owls. These were made using the tutorial I am fine tuning.

Don’t they look great…… I love their beaks especially.

She said:

“I think the tutorial is very YOU and easy to understand. I love that I had a lot of freedom to be creative so I could really make it my own. The best part of the tutorial for me was learning how to put the pin through the felt. I never thought of doing that with my own brooches so you have taught me something  else as well. I don’t know how to do a french know so I just did 2 normal knots and cut the thread!!”

Thanks Steph!

Paula said….

I had a lot of fun making them.
The instructions were very clear and accurate…..

….I love that it doesn’t have to be
accurate stitching – an eye or a nose off centre
just adds to their character, and it was wonderful
to see their personality forming as I stitched…..

Thanks Paula for testing them, now enjoy wearing them!

Paula's owls made with the tutorial....I love the pink and aqua combo for the eyes.

Mel's first owl.... love those lashes.

Mel's 8 year old's first effort. Love the beak.

Mel recently emailed me having tried the owl tutorial.

She gave me some really useful feedback. Here is what she said…..

Now that the kids have broken up for the summer holiday I’ve had a chance to work through your tutorial with my daughter (the 8-year-old) 🙂 Please find attached photos of the owls she and I made! I hope it goes without saying that mine is the pink one and hers the blue and gold….

The tutorial was very clear and easy to follow, and the diagrams helpful. Beth needed a bit of help – she insisted on doing as much as possible herself, but I helped with knotting threads and so on, and with keeping the right bits showing at the front and none of the wrong bits! She wouldn’t have managed it on her own I don’t think, but with my help she thoroughly enjoyed making her owl and wanted to make another one straight away…. While I didn’t agree to that, we’ll definitely make more over the summer (I thought we might stitch one straight onto a t-shirt for her, and maybe embroider a tree branch for it to sit on, but maybe I’m getting carried away?!

A couple of very minor spelling and grammar points, I hope you don’t mind? In steps 1 and 2 there should be an apostrophe in owl’s body and owl’s head; and ‘broach’ is more commonly spelt ‘brooch’ when it refers to the item of jewellery (though having said that, perhaps it varies in different countries). I hope you don’t mind me saying!

Overall, great tutorial, and I found the ideas of how to decorate the owl in step 8 particularly useful.

I hope this feedback is helpful and would be more than happy to answer any specific questions about how I found it 🙂 Thanks again for letting me test it for you!xx

Thanks so much Mel! I really appreciate all the feedback, even the grammar! NOT a strength, so I am really glad when it is someone else’s (or is it elses???)

I am looking forward to more feedback! I will share it as I get it.