Juggling as a sport.

April 26, 2013

Does this remind anyone else of mothers in the playground?

ht: Craig T.


Facebook Friday.

October 26, 2012

Some of you may have noticed that for a while now I have worn goggles on facebook in support of free swimming lessons, because for a while now I have felt quite passionate about kids learning to swim.

Swimming is the ONLY extra curricular activity we insist our girls do, because it’s about safety not about having elite athletes.

I’m not looking for gold medalists, I’m looking for them to be competent strong swimmers….and we have watched the fun follow.

Fortunately, we  have been able to fund this desire, but many are not…. or don’t realise the importance until it is too late.

‘Royal Life Saving’s earlier estimates that 1 in 5 kids are unable to swim 50 metres may be overly optimistic and it is now believed that more than 1 in 5 may not be able to swim at all. Today, an estimated 600,000 young adults are at risk; tomorrow and in the next decade we fear this figure will double.

Royal Life Saving believes that the rapid increase in drowning in young adults aged 15-24 years is undeniably linked to a fall in the swimming and water safety skills of children in Australia over the past 10 years.’

from the petition site.

Here is the most alarming bit!

‘The National Drowning Report, released by the Royal Life Saving Society last month, found 45 drowning deaths in 2011-12 among 15- to 24-year-olds, a 25 per cent increase on the five-year average. More than 600,000 young adults in that age group are at ”extreme risk” of drowning, the society says.

More teenagers are drowning despite overall figures remaining flat over the past decade, with about 300 Australians drowning every year.

from smh.

The Royal Life Saving Society have decided to petition Government organisations to make learning to swim compulsory in Australian Primary Schools.Please sign this petition.

Facebook Friday

August 10, 2012

Image from memegenerator.

Thanks Kimi…. my thoughts exactly.

11 year old turns 12

February 28, 2012

12 year old about a month ago.... when she was still 11.

Yesterday our 11 year old became a 12 year old.

She is an amazing girl and keeps surprising us with her willingness to try new things….. even when she knows she won’t be the best.

That’s why the photo…

….that and because the ones I took yesterday were not good.

It’s a joy watching her grow and mature, ask hard questions about life and the universe, and use her mind and heart together to become a change maker.

We thank God for this gorgeous girl.

Happy birthday 12 year old.

The official first day of school photo of 11 year old.

Yes, Ok I am about the last person in the cyber world to post my kidlibots first days at school….but better late than being accused of being a very bad mother for years to come!

11 year old started at Canterbury Girls High School a couple of weeks ago now.

It’s gone well….. but she is almost as tired as the 5 year old.

A drama-esque photo. She thought she looked like she attended Hogwarts.

Biggest disappointment so far was finding out she wouldn’t be able to play volleyball for sport (or any sport for that matter) because that’s when the choir practises for the musical. Fortunately I am not the ranting type (in this written medium) but if you know me personally I am more than willing to download the full rant about not making sport accessible for girls.


Especially high school ones.

How she gets to school.


7 year old in her zone.

March 9, 2011

First Time Ever

January 30, 2011

Racing on the harbour

Today I discovered that sunny, windy days are good for other things apart from washing!

Regatta racing on Sydney’s beautiful harbour.

Tim has been commenting on everything floating for a long time now, so when a special deal came up close to his birthday it was hard to resist.

I am so glad we didn’t.

Thanks to everyone who came along. It made for a great day.

Pure joy!


Computer Games!

August 6, 2010

Brief: A blue and white computer bag for an apple laptop, suitable for a bloke!

I also happen to know that this ‘bloke’ likes football (of the soccer type), has a weakness for all things Polo (the label not the sport), enjoys a beer and he wouldn’t carry a ‘man bag’.

A computer bag (that doesn't advertise the contents), with an adjustable strong sash strap.

Padded internal lining, with zippered pocket and slip pocket for papers. This photo also gives a glimpse of the Polo tie (the checks) and a Hermes tie (the horses)

The back sports (get it) a football tie. You might just be able to see the beer tie too!

... the other side...

... the other side...

Not one win but two!

June 27, 2010

After the second game today. Close, and very exciting!

Who needs the world cup when you have the local basketball comp?

It has taken most of the season to claim a win, but today it happened in duplicate!

That’s right.

The Girls Under 12’s Parramatta Wildcats ( which 10 year old plays with) won both their games today.

They have improved a lot! From memory, they lost their first match by about  80 points. They scored 2 baskets all game.

They are a lovely bunch of girls who haven’t given up or played mean even in defeat.

It was lovely to see them have a score board success as well.

Well done girls and Simone (their coach).

Given that lots of sporting things are happening in the world at the moment and there are world cups and Commonwealth Games on our sporting horizon, I thought I would look at what might happen to the equipment once the athletes were finished with them.

Many of you will have upcycled a tennis ball for one of these!

Image from Superuse.org

But fewer of you will have upcycled sporting equipment like these……

Snow ski chair by great for sitting. Image from etsy

Gymnastics equipment as a bar! Image from trendhunter.com

Upcycled soccer ball handbag. Image via Haute Nature

Image from Superuse.org. Shuttlecock lampshade made as a part the deptford design challenge

Tennis ball chair! Image from Etsy by great for sitting.

Other sporty upcycles can be seen here and here