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5 year olds favourite illustration from her favourite PA book.

Author/Illustrator: Pamela Allen

Genre: children’s picture books

Artists medium: Pen and watercolour paint.

Age Appropriateness: From very young.

Introduction: One of the first books that I every bought when our first was born was ‘Who sank the boat?’ I loved the illustrated animals with human abilities like knitting. I loved the scientific principles behind the story. I loved it’s readability. We now own many Pamela Allen books and give them to others often as gifts. This one, ‘Belinda’ formed the beginnings of a book character birthday party two years ago for our youngest ….then 3. ‘Belinda’ remains her absolute favourite book…..’Herbert and Harry’,’Inside Mary Elizabeth’s House’ and the Mr McGee series are also standards in the pile of books she brings me to read. Whenever we are at the library I search out other Pamela Allen books to share with her, as I know she will love them.

All books by Pamela Allen: A lion in the night, Alexander’s outing, Bertie and the Bear, Black Dog, Brown bread and honey, Can you keep a secret?, Clippity Clop, Cuthbert’s babies, Daisy All-sorts, Fancy that, Grandpa & Thomas, Grandpa &Thomas & the green umbrella, Herbert and harry, Inside Mary Elizabeth’s house, I wish I had a pirate suit, Mr Archimedes Bath, Mr McGee, Mr McGee & the Big Bag of Bread, Mr McGee & the Biting Flea, Mr McGee & the Blackberry Jam, Mr McGee goes to sea, Mr McGee and the Perfect Nest, My Cat Maisie, My first ABC, Shhh! Little ¬†Mouse, Share Said the Rooster, The Bears Lunch, The Pear in the Pear Tree, The Potato People,¬†Waddle Giggle Gargle, Who sank the Boat?, Where’s the Gold?


….not all the covers ….just a sample.


From Pamela Allen’s first publication in 1980 it was clear that here was a creator of picture books with all the glow, gesture, din and dance to capture the attention, engage the imagination, teach, show, tickle and excite small children.’¬†

Meg Sorensen, Australian Book Review via Puffin Books 

Other things: 8 of Pamela’s books have been adapted for theatrical performance by the Patch Theatre Company.¬†If you are in Adelaide they are performing Mr McGee &the Biting Flea (and other Pamela Allen stories) this Saturday at the Oden Theatre.

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