Facebook Friday

November 23, 2012

In case you missed this ‘do good’ story during the week.

Thanks Rory and Duncan.

Spring Fair Photos

November 12, 2012

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A quick slideshow of photos in case you missed our fabulous school fete.

Image from Kristen Doran’s blog.

Around Christmas time last year I was fortunate enough to win a giveaway on facebook of a bundle of Kristen Doran fabrics. I was so excited, as had for sometime admired this Aussie fabric designer. Kirsten makes beautiful handmade prints and puts simply gorgeous kits together which make you want to make them up RIGHT NOW!

I had great plans for the fabric, but have only realised some of them. This years has been like that! Many plans with only a small proportion of plans materialising. Great and fantastic other things have happened ….. but most of them unplanned….


The Matryoshka Dolls in Red & Pink on White and Gold and Red on white fabric panel was part of my prize, and I decided to use it to make items for the upcoming school Spring Fair.

…. another image from Kristen Doran’s blog.

I think this is what is intended to be made with the panel, but I wanted to share the love around rather than make a larger multi-pieced item which would never get the value on the craft stall…..  and I had to make sure I used every last bit!

That said…. if I still had little girls I would have loved this on their beds and for imaginary play and for using with them when they go through the ‘how everyone in the family fits together’ stage.

Here is what we did with them. (yes I had some other crafty mummies helping me again this year)

Christmas decorations in 3 sizes.

A mother and her daughters.

Here you can see some of the pretty backs.

The tiny ones were made into Christmas decorations and the large Matryoshka Doll prints we made into rice bottomed (so they stand up) padded dolls. I’m so pleased with how they have turned out. What do you think?

Standing up dollies.

Playing in the grass…..

I’m going to find these hard to donate.

I also received some gorgeous fang monster fabric that Kirsten designed with one of her sons… which unfortunately seems no longer in print! I have a plan to make something for my littlest nephew. I will keep you posted.

2 Grandmas, 2 Mothers and 2 Daughters.

Operation Christmas Child.

October 17, 2012

…. and while you are planning your Christmas Advent Events and Treats for your family, please consider Operation Christmas Child.

The deadline for drop offs is 25th of October, in Australia. Yes! Next week.

Your local drop off can be found here.

This is a way our family has given in the past, and the girls derive so much joy from it. It stimulates conversations about children in other countries less fortunate (materially) and spiritually.

I think this is a great way to set the tone early in the Christmas schedule for our family.

Will you join us this year?


October 2, 2012

We now have a 14 year old in the house. How did that happen?

Today my oldest turned 14.

What a fantastic gift from God this one is!

He has shown us much grace.

She’s strong, beautiful, artistic, a servant and thoughtful.

It’s a joy to watch her growing into a Godly woman each day.

Happy Birthday and keep going just the way you are.

20 years!!

September 26, 2012

Future projection……image from here.

It’s 20 years today since Tim and I made some pretty massive promises in front of our family and friends. He’s still my best buddy.

He’s fantastically patient with me and my curious ways. He’s truthful and so lovely. I thank God for him often, and can’t imagine having spent 20 years+ with anyone else.

Yay us!

Monsters Upcycled.

September 5, 2012

Monster Madness at my house.

If my mild case of madness wasn’t evidenced before now…. I think this weekends making will confirm it solidly.

A large A4 size green monster and a pencil case size white one.

I had so much fun making monsters from upcycled chenille bedspreads that a friend gave me, months ago. Thanks Belinda.

Large monsters big enough for pyjama bags or music bags…. or just monster pencil cases.

They are mostly for the upcoming school fete, and are quite addictive to make. I’m hoping some more chenille bedspreads will be donated (yes that’s a hint if you have any kicking around).

Ipod size and DS size monster bags.

The girls gave suggestions like…. try making them just with a zipper mouth, and how about DS size or as a handbag.

Originally I was trying to come up with things boys might like, as there is always more craft items on the stall for girls and very few for boys.

Pencil case size monsters.

I’m also trying to only use what I have in my cupboard, or donations from others.

They are dead easy to make.

Mini Monster….

Would you like a tutorial?

Watch this space……

Monsters have taken over the cubby!


The gorgeous birthday girl with the jelly cake that did work. Photos by the lovely Charles Francis.

Our excitable 6 year old enjoyed a crazy mad science party a few weeks ago now.

When she suggested the idea I was a little out of my depth….. not having enjoyed science that much through school…. so I did what I do best and searched the internet for party ideas. Tim also had the great insight to ask some family friends of ours to help with the activities. They are a family full of crazy, fun, sciency folk and they did a marvellous job of entertaining and exciting the masses.

Because I was so thankful to all the people out there in cyber space posting their great ideas for me to use ….I thought  would put all the links together in one post for you to use and steal and enjoy.

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 The invite was made using the excellent Smilebox. So easy , and so free!

Playing with IT…. the slimy stuff.

Norfolk Kids have a great recipe for custard powder gooey slimy stuff!

The super geeks preparing the rocket for launching.

The water rocket was a great hit with the Dad’s and the kids.

The Aquapod bottle launcher could quickly become a family favourite. The launcher is safe and with just a bike pump and water sends the rocket about 100m in the air.

….. a little palaeontology anyone?

Wack with a hammer to reveal a dinosaur inside. A hit!

…similar ideas at Kids Activities Suite 101.

Marbled fingernail painting….

…a little something like this.

6 year old in her scrubs playing with ‘squishy circuits’.

‘Squishy Circuits’ are the brainchild of AnnMarie Thomas. See her TED talk here. These are super cool!!

Yes, it’s an old faithful….pass the parcel. The treats inside included ‘Smarties’ and ‘Nerds’ and crystal stickers.

No link here. I adapted this game all by myself.

Even when we really had no idea what we were doing we looked the part in our lab coats. These came courtesy of the high school our friend works at. They had authentic chemical stains.

Making ice-cream to eat with our birthday ‘cake’….which was actually jelly. BIrthday girls looks a bit sceptical about this one.

We jiggled and wiggled to science music making our ice cream. You can find the recipe here.

….ooops just realised that you all have seen this outfit before on a different birthday girl. Yes the girls do borrow each others clothes.

And speaking of food…..

An exploding (not really) jelly cake.

Made this one up too after the disaster of the ‘molecule cake’ 

Inside the test tubes was a jelly snake, and it’s hard to see but the jelly was layered lime aqua and pink.

A very cool and easy way to layer jelly. The link is down but you can see from the images here how to do it. All you need is a muffin tray.

It doesn’t show fully in the photo but these drinks were colour layered….it’s all to do with sugar content.

I found this cool idea at the sisters cafe. It also works in a larger jug.

A little difficult to see….. ‘Build a molecule’ tray of round food and toothpicks. Also little specimen cups full of jelly.

The ‘build a molecule’ idea came from Come together Kids. This blog has lots more ideas re:science party.

Balloons and flower balls as party favours. If you look closely you can see the water has H20 labels.

I have talked and made these tissue paper balls before. The instructions can be found at Martha Stewart (I couldn’t do a party without her) and the idea for re-labelling the bottles of water from Kara’s party ideas. As you could imagine ….there are lots more ideas for different parties to be found here.

Last of all 13 year old and I made bunting of real chemical elements (with a few made up ones).

Were you aware the R is the element Random and Da is the element Daring?

…… not to leave out science fiction …… see chemical element Et……

The idea for the bunting came from Apartment Therapy.

6 year old in excellent company…… mad scientist together.

I used the image of Einstein from the invitations…… then photographer 6 year old doing the same face. After a short fiddle with the colours in photo shop….. we had our bunting.

How do you start putting together ideas for a themed party?

What are the best ones you have ever hosted or been too and why?

Wonder Woman

June 2, 2012

Image from Steph’s facebook.

Armed with a sewing machine, DIY Wonder Woman outfit, vintage and recycled materials I, Wonder Woman will make a duck softie each day for 21 days. At the end of the challenge each duck will be given to a child experiencing homelessness on behalf of our organisation The TreeHouse. So if you like what I am doing support me with a gold coin donation or a little extra if you wish…

Love and light Steph

If you would like to support Steph in her creative madness, and support homeless children in our midst, get more info at ‘the 21 day challenge’.

Such a perfect way for my buddy Steph to express her creativeness and her love and care for those in need.

I am trying to think of a similarly creative way to support this great work…..any ideas gladly received.

Collage close-up.

Just thought I would let you know, I have one of the loveliest present making and buying families in the world! I’m sorry if that makes you jealous….. but it’s true.

Yes, today is my birthday and they spoilt me, yet again.

Earlier in the year I had emptied my wallet framing these works that were quickly becoming damaged without the protecting framing provides. You may remember we had them in our bedroom in the last house. One of the great things about abstract art is you can hang it anyway you choose! They now are taking pride of place in the lounge room but hung differently.

…….anyway, I had said that this would be my birthday present, but Tim and the girls went ahead and gave me a voucher to do more art classes! I am running out of walls. I will have to start painting miniatures.

‘Red Wine’ by 13 year old.

My voucher!! Woo Hoo.

13 year old painted me something, and they all took me out for a grungy pub dinner near Newtown.

I think I am having the most artistic birthday ever!


The collages in situ. in our new pad.

Two of a three part series on the other wall. The first one is still st the framers……. string direction issues.