November 26, 2013

Hello hello hello….. yes I am still alive and I am slowly coming up for air. Crazy busy last couple of months. I will share with you over the next few weeks some of the highlights and a few other things I have been slowly saving for you over those months.

But for now….. something fabulous. Poppytalk calls it ‘What happen’s when you give kids thousands of stickers. Take it as a pre-Christmas warning….. or Encouragement …. if you like.


Beginning with an all white room …..


…. in the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane …….


Yayoi Kusama…..


….. gave children stickers ……


…… and over two weeks……


….collaborated with the artist …….


….. by placing stickers anywhere they wanted.


Two weeks later…..


…..The Obliteration Room ….. was complete. 

Hat-tip  Poppytalk,  stuart addelseesccart, and heybubbles and colossal).  Via The New Domestic. …. so apologies if you have seen it before. 
I think it appeals to me because it’s how the last half of the year has felt like, but makes it look so much more joyful than it was some days.
Though out it all Tim was fabulous and the kids were great. I am hoping and praying that in the next month leading up to Christmas I can embrace the joy in the chaos….. and get to take the opportunity to serve them, and others, like they have been serving me. 



FEVA launch dinner

March 10, 2013

Max Dupain's photograph inside the Seidler Penthouse.

Max Dupain’s photograph inside the Seidler Penthouse. Source: University of Sydney.

One of the exciting things about returning to uni is the chance to be involved with FEVA. Fellowship of Evangelism to the Visual Arts.

My excitement was increased, as I was one of the first students of FEVA when it began 20 years ago.

A couple of nights ago I got to go to the Seidler Penthouse at Milson’s point and share dinner with other Visual Arts Students from about 6 different visually creative campus’ across Sydney. We were encouraged to think about think about how we ‘do’ our art degrees in the light of loving God with everything.

It’s always encouraging to see lots of people keen to follow Jesus….. but especially so for me on this night, because our chance to influence in our super-visual climate is great. Can’t wait to see how God is honoured visually over the coming years through these people.