Portraits made of books. Image from My Human Computer.

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But….to continue with my extended book week posts, I have put together a group of images related to the book.

You can find them by clicking here.

And don’t worry Ali….. I have pushed your idea for pinteresting caravans and airstreams until next time…… hope you don’t mind.


1. Vintage Trophy Coat Rack by Design Sponge.

2. Gardener's Apron by Martha Stewart.

3. Leather Journal by Duo Fiberworks.

4. Honey Walnut and Dried Fruit Topping by Martha Stewart.

5. Car Wash Kit by Martha Stewart.

6. Oilskin Zippered Pencil Case by Momtastic.

7. Upcycled Messenger Bag From Cargo Pants by Noodlehead.

8. Framed Initial by Make It and Love It.

9. Whimsical Key Chains by Living With Punks.

10. Dishtowel Apron by Made By Petchy.

11. Wooden Pendant Necklaces and Keychain by Lil Blue Boo.

12. Retro Duffle Bag by saltwater Kids.

13. Personalised Coffee Blend by Martha Stewart.

14. Toffee by Martha Stewart.

16. Homemade Book Plates by Martha Stewart.

15. Jam recipes with Printable Labels by Funkytime.

17. Rollie Pollie Pillows by So You Think You're Crafty.

18. Large Paintings Full of Text by Redefining Creativity.

19. Paint Chip Wall Art by How About Orange.

20. Car Travel Kit by Martha Stewart.

21. Monogram Mugs by Designmom.

22. Big Scrappy Painting by Redefining Creativity.

Folded book Tutorial

September 1, 2011

A3 size paper.... (A4 works too but gives you a very small book)

Fold paper in half lengthways....

Open the fold back out.

Fold paper in half the other way....

Fold it in half again the same way...ie last 2 folds parallel to each other.

Open it all back out flat again. Your page will be divided into 8 even rectangles.

Fold the paper in half again....(the long side halved by the fold).

Cut along the crease line from folded side to where the creases meet.

Open the page out again then fold it in half lengthways again until you get this shape.

Push the ends together until the paper forms a + shape.... then fold the paper onto itself to form the book.

After you have done that... lay the book out flat again. The page sequence is shown in the picture.

Write and Illustrate your book ...closed...

....or open. 5 year old looking back at a finished book to check her mermaid drawing.

This one is so easy you could do it today ….I love craft activities like that!

P.S. Sorry about the quality of the pictures. The light in our lougeroom is a shocker.

As part of the huge international give-away run by Sew-Mama-Sew, I am having a give-away too.

I thought, rather than ME choose what you might like…. that’s happening enough at this time of year….. I would let YOU choose what you would like.

So wait for it…

$100 AUD to spend however you like in my etsy store. Everything there is handmade and upcycled.

It’s as close as you can get to responsible shopping.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All you have to do to enter is comment below, giving me a three to four word phrase that describes how you are feeling right now. Don’t think about it, just write. Eg: Well I never! or Can I play? Something like that.

You have until the 17th to enter, and I will choose a winner randomly at Midnight Friday 17th December. I will then contact you… and you will scream with delight!

Lots of others are giving things away too. Go check them out at sew-mama-sew.

Don’t forget about





It seems at the moment, everywhere I look, I see beautiful books. Maybe because we are coming more and more tech dependent, when we use a book/notepad it needs to be beautiful. Maybe I just made this up because I like seeing beautiful creations being used for everyday.

Making books for Christmas and other gift giving works because they can be enjoyed by all ages and gender.

Think covered e-books, sketchbooks, note books, folded origami books, mini books, fabric books and repurposed books.

*Get creative, all you writers out there, and gift an original story or you can buy the insides of your book. Then ….

* Have it made into a spiral bound edition with your own choice of cover.

*Make an envelope book for a traveller or a little leaf collector.

*Buy a journal from the $2 shop, and personalise it. Write encouraging words or bible verses on random pages. Include surprise pages of photos, pretty paper  and drawings.

*Use the journal to start a recipe book of easy meals for the ‘new to the kitchen’ relative or friend. There are lots of free recipes online…..so you don’t even need to write them up.

*An accordian book is a lovely way to give someone special a few of your latest photos.

* Or for those who prefer pictures to words…. a photo book.

* Make an online book to send to those far away.

or if you are really tricky….try this

Martha Stewarts Envelope book

Customized Journal by Martha Stewart

Accordian books. Photo from Martha Stewart

Photo book MarthaStewart photo

Last month I gave away 2 mini journals and have now made some available in my etsy shop.

More will be coming soon.

New red ones


Congratulations gorgeous girl. You are the winner of the first give away of the year.

Let me know what colour/s you would like and where I should send it.

Thank you all again for doing some of the thinking for me.

I love the names memento (or something like it), pocket books, thinking of you book, Mini Tie Taker (very clever!), Prayer Diary, Journette and buddy. All of them.

….and the suggested uses were wonderful too! What a creative bunch you are.

I am planning on listing them in my etsy shop soon, in every colour you can think of.

If you just can’t wait shoot me off an email.

Time is almost up……

March 18, 2010

Thanks everyone who has left a comment so far for the little booklet give away. Very sweet and very helpful suggestions.

For all of you who are still coming up with ideas, you have until 9:00 pm tonight to let me know that you want to be included.

The prize will be chosen randomly. I have loved your ideas for names and uses. What would I do without you!?

New product give away!

March 12, 2010

Mini journal/Supercard


Here is the latest offer from harrysdesk.

I have temporarily called them the mini journal/supercard but I am trying to come up with a better name for them, and this is where you can help.

Here’s what it is.

A C6 size card with 10 pages sewn inside.

It could be used for a special letter to a friend that you imagine they might keep and maybe frame as a keepsake.

A mini journal for a particular event.

A creative alternative to a group card, where each person gets a page to write a special message.

An address book that you can keep in your bag.

from the back.... maybe you like this colour better?

The cover is made form upcycled men’s ties on reclaimed cardboard. The pages are of new and recycled paper.

What you need to do, to be part of the give away, is either tell me how you could imagine using one of these, or come up with a name for them.

The winner of the give away will receive 2 mini journal/supercards in a colour of their choice. I can make more if these colours don’t appeal to you.

I will draw the winner on Friday 19th of March, so comment away!

Upcycled, recycled, reclaimed, salvaged or thrifted gifts may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and certainly there are many contexts where to give someone a second hand present would be very inappropriate. However, the world is changing and people are being more responsible with resources, so it is an option that can be a real winner.

Perhaps, as a family unit, or group of friends you could make a game of only giving gifts in this vain for a year. Sure, you won’t have your tea towels replenished with starchy new ones or be able to do a one night spin around the shops and pick -up whatever you can find that the person would vaguely like….or should.

You may pick-up a new skill or surprise yourself with the skills you already have and don’t use. You may even save your a bit of money, and not spend most of January eating toast for dinner. You will be helping to curb the excessive consumerism we all get sucked into in the coming months.

Scarf pillows by Full House.

Scarf pillows by Full House.

A tutorial can be found for a simple cushion cover can be found here. To make your scarves easier to sew…. slippery can be tricky…. place a sheeting or calico behind the scarves first to make them more stable, and therefore easier to sew.

A simple tutorial which requires NO SEWING  can be found here at thrifty fun. So no excuses.

A recycled coffee table. Image and tutorial from craftster

A recycled coffee table. Image and tutorial from craftster

I have been wanting to share this little gem for a while. Don’t like buttons…..weirdo…. try family photos, or lego for a kids room, or old dinner ware placed like a set table, or a beautiful piece of fabric….or….or…. you get the idea.

Image from Design*Sponge

Image from Design*Sponge

Ok… ok… it’s a little left of centre (I have relatives that are left of centre as well), but stick with me. Use the same idea but instead of dolly bits use….the front ends of plastic trucks…… or dent cultery….. or mismatched door nobs.

Image from OutsaPop. Lots of repurposed clothing ideas here

Image from OutsaPop. Lots of repurposed clothing ideas here

This very comfy dress is made from 2 t-shirts……sewn together at the necks. Pretty simple! See the tutorial of sorts here.

Image from the Artful Crafter

Image from the Artful Crafter

This looks so fun! A great gift for dads and husbands and 7-99 year olds. You could even include special treasures inside …… like love letters, bible verses, another book, small trinkets that have significance, or money!  The tutorial is in two parts here and here.

If you have ideas about other recyled, upcyled etc gifts that are fun to make, please share!

Now go…… reclaim, recycle , reuse…… do I RE-peat myself.

Photo source the Artful Crafter

Photo source the Artful Crafter