What’s so Pinteresting about…… Advent?

November 29, 2013


DIY Advent Calendar by Design Sponge. Image sourced from there.

Meredith’s got a fabulous idea for fantasticly simple bible content here. Love it especially this close to Dec 1.

Cathy gives insightful day by day content here. 

Nicole….shares some great ideas here.

If you know what you want each day to hold, but need a little visual inspiration, have a look at my pinterest board here. 

This year I have an unusual plan which focus’s on letters….. we will see how that goes.

To see what we have done in previous years look here and here and here.

I just realised that our advent events for 2012 are not collated….. so I will get onto that.

Enjoy, and let me know if you come across anything inspiring.


3 Responses to “What’s so Pinteresting about…… Advent?”

  1. Meredith said

    Hi there. Hey, I was wondering if you were looking for a new “What’s so pinteresting?” idea? I have just put out our door wreath and fallen in love with it all over again. Fancy doing a page of Christmas door wreaths? No pressure if you don’t want to or you are too busy. But if you are looking for a little project… 🙂

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