What’s so Pinteresting……about fabric designs?

May 25, 2013


Towards Light… image from flickr.

I am a little disappointed to be showing you another of my boards, full of images that interest me. What’s so Pinteresting is supposed to be interactive. Yes you get me to collect ideas for you!

Anyone want to choose a theme for next time? Just leave a comment below.

In the meantime enjoy my collection of fabric designs, and ideas for fabric designs.


6 Responses to “What’s so Pinteresting……about fabric designs?”

  1. Meredith said

    Well, I have already provided a couple of ideas, both of which I loved. If you want another, how about teacups?

  2. Sophie Norved said

    Here are a couple of others: screening ideas in gardens that don’t involve plants, Vikings, and red shoes.

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