Pride and Prejudice is 200 years old.

January 29, 2013


Image from austenprose. Cover Artwork by Kazuko Nomoto

Yesterday marked 200 years since Pride and Prejudice by ‘A Lady’. The ‘Lady we now know as Jane Austin.

To celebrate, I sat the girls (and Tim) down to watch the movie. We also began reading the novel aloud to each other…. very Jane Austin indeed.

I have mentioned before that I have only recently become a reader, so I didn’t grow up reading and dreaming of Mr Darcy. Which I think is good, as I didn’t go looking for a fictional character to marry.

So while I don’t want my girls to go looking for their Mr Darcy, (because let’s face it, most of us don’t want to be insulted rudely to others at our first meeting…. and would never give him a second chance)  I do want them reading books that have stood the test of time, and to read about times, situations and lives that are very different from their own. I want them to be able to look back and forward with critical minds, aware that what they experience in the day to day is not all there is……. I also think there is only so much dystopian, zombie and fantasy  fiction the brain can take.

Anything else I should encourage them to read?

Any other anniversaries coming up?

What book have you most enjoyed reading aloud to someone?



5 Responses to “Pride and Prejudice is 200 years old.”

  1. Deb K said

    If you and your girls haven’t already read the Little Women and Anne of Green Gables series, they are a must. My mum read them to my sister and me when we were young, as well as The Narnia Chronicles I think (another must) – or maybe I just read them myself, and Little House on the Prairie (I don’t remember much about that one) and maybe one or two Patricia St John books.
    Incidentally, as a girl I always had a real love of all things ‘old-fashioned’. Having just listed those books, I can now see why!
    Another series I enjoyed reading myself in upper primary was The Felix Trilogy by Joan Aiken. And LOTR when I was about 12.
    I have heard that Dickens is fantastic read aloud, but haven’t tried it 🙂
    Can’t wait till my girls are old enough for these books! Though I’m not sure about my stamina for reading them aloud, I usually yawn about every second sentence!

  2. ally adeney said

    Thanks Deb!
    Great suggestions. We have done some but not others. I haven’t heard of the Felix Trilogy so I look out for it.
    Over the holidays we listened to Roald Dahl as we drove around on holidays and at bedtime. It was a gas! Funny funny funny.
    Keep going everyone!
    I might compile a great big list after this.

  3. Deb K said

    Oh yes, Roald Dahl is genius 🙂
    Took me a bit of google sleuthwork to track down the felix trilogy as I couldn’t remember the author or titles, and there are quite a lot of ‘Felixes’ out there! Glad I got there in the end, if only so I can make a note for next time I’m trying to remember them.
    Here’s the link to all three:

  4. Sophie Norved said

    Curiously enough, my non-fiction-loving husband loved me reading Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow to him.

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