A super cheesy New Year to you!

January 24, 2013

213428469811042041_hTPskl1a_cFor those of you who follow me on Pinterest, you will notice I have been spending a lot of time there lately…. Among other things I have found so many quotes and word posters and inspirational sayings. While some have substance, are thought provoking and even encouraging, the vast majority of them are ‘piffle’… as my mum would say.

They are a little like new years resolutions! Easily identified with or desired but offering no help in the achievement or simply so far from truth and reality that they are unachievable…… so I thought I would pepper my resolutions with them for your entertainment.

See if you can separate the profound from the piffle :0

What do I want more of, less of, more focused attention to and to try afresh in the new year?

244812929714902312_WlzxoqFl_c-read my bible more ….. help with a bible reading app on my phone. (begun)

66709638199915150_045eaef6_c-listen to book-club books rather than read them for a year. (I will read the first one ……as I have it and possibly the time)

7459155604765688_zntr0v4v_c-teach my girls to ‘notice’ what needs to be done for the house to function, and do it. (begun)

152348399864164112_vWDhJIQM_c-begin a degree in Fine Arts at SCA. (I’m IN officially now, so I can tell you). I enrolled yesterday.

32721534764544952_j8Q3NHhC_b-eat more simply and healthily (we all really need this)

61783826107513790_kqyrGdR9_c-continue teaching at ACU (just one first year class this year)

123567583496282722_UtB8m7TR_c-go to bed earlier (this will be hard and so worthwhile)

247205467016684412_3janNjXD_c-blog less (yes it’s true)

15270086206387475_q6apR33j_c-pray more and with focus. (…looking for helpful hints on this one. How do you focus and do?)

24769866670014562_4gIWmHRZ_c-call my Mum more (yes I need to repent of this and use the phone which I hate)

186055028327440283_A7n0vc7h_c-continue to volunteer. (This will need to be looked at carefully. 1 church, 3 schools and a number of sporting clubs gives many opportunities…..trying to work out how to be helpful but not overly burdened)

52776626852831585_AllpPZ4R_c-think carefully through what each member of my family needs and encourage and support them towards that. (Many different hopes and dreams on one household can mean frequent disappointments, tears and joys. I hope this year to roll with all the ups and downs of it without becoming emotionally exhausted)

249316529342375621_5SjWIvEH_c-spend money on experiences. (Less little bits spent on frequent, short lived enjoyment and stuff, and more money spent on relational and memorable experiences).

90916486197068932_VAC9oDWl_b-be content (be thankful for what I have and run with it rather than always be looking towards the next thing)

24980972902547609_95p7sVYt_c-complain less and not ‘rage against the machine’. (My critical nature needs a good kick in the teeth! This year I want to channel it towards things I can change or improve).


-spend more time with old friends and new.

Ok, bloggy friends…. there it is.

What have I missed?



2 Responses to “A super cheesy New Year to you!”

  1. Margie said

    Love it. xxx

  2. […] I mentioned a few months ago here, this year I am embarking on a new and fearsome […]

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