Give Away: Dungeon Raiders.

December 18, 2012

Dungeon Raiders Card Game Cover.

Dungeon Raiders Card Game Cover.

Yes, to finish the year off I am having a giveaway!

The designer, who some of you will know, Phil Walker-Hardling, has been helping our 12 year old develop and game test some of her ideas for games this year. She’s had a great time. This has meant we are closer to the coal face of any new games he designs.

Some of you may remember me mentioning Sushi Go by Adventureland Games a couple of weeks ago and encouraging you to support it’s first print run….. well good news. They smashed their  target goal and the game is set for printing early next year. I will keep you posted and give one of those away when it arrives.

But in the meantime…….

This is a great little holiday game for the family….or for yourself.

Dungeon Raiders.

We have been playing it quite a bit and it’s great fun.

It has a potential co-operative element…..although with older children with a bit more playing experience ….well,  lets just say there is less co-operation.

Watch how the game is played here.

If you would like to be in with a chance to be randomly selected to win this game….. please leave a comment telling me your favourite card or board game….or your least favourite.

The comments will close at midnight the 23rd of December (AEST) and I will announce the winner on Christmas Eve…. to be posted anywhere in the world soon after that.

So, go ahead give me your ideas.



5 Responses to “Give Away: Dungeon Raiders.”

  1. This looks interesting. Fun fun:)

    Robs favourite is Carcassonne and mine Sequence. The kids are playing Monopoly with fervour but it’s not up there with my favourites.

  2. Sophie Norved said

    My FAVOURITE board game is Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries…I just dream about long train rides in beautiful cold whether and the chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

  3. […] ….and don’t forget to enter the giveaway….. […]

  4. I would join in and say Sequence and any Ticket to Ride, but for variety I’ll add in Qwirkle. Hate Monopoly and Scrabble,

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