How Pinteresting is………… letter writing?

November 10, 2012

Click on the image to see a collection of inspirational pictures with a letter writing theme.

Well here it is…… How Pinteresting!

Meredith suggested a collection of images to satisfy here letter writing phase. I took the theme where-ever it choose to go in my mind….. so I hope I have fulfilled the brief 🙂

She also wrote a great post a little while back about using 20 minute time lots to put pen to paper, that might interest you here.

I just love this image of vintage packages.

So what’s next? You choose. Remember it’s interactive, and if no-one chooses I will have to bore you with my collections.


2 Responses to “How Pinteresting is………… letter writing?”

  1. Meredith said

    This is lovely and so inspiring. I’m inspired to get going with my Christmas mail and to press on in the art of letter writing beyond Christmas. Thank you so much. I will enjoy coming back to this lovely letterwriting spot time and again I am sure.
    Thank you.

  2. ally adeney said

    I’m so glad it was inspiring!
    I will keep adding beautiful things to the pinterest board as I find them.
    Thanks for the fabulous idea.

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