How Pinteresting are…… caravans, trailers and airstreams

September 22, 2012

Thanks Ali for this pinteresting idea.

Some of you will know I am not really a camper.….. but I used to imagine I could live in a trailer or caravan when I was little . Yes, big dreams indeed!

Here are some pretty ones.

Click through to see some other beautiful ideas.

I love the Rene Magritte painting as the colour palette in this one.

Now I need another idea! Anyone ……?


4 Responses to “How Pinteresting are…… caravans, trailers and airstreams”

  1. Ali said

    Ally Ally! Sorry, I got behind in google reader, and only just saw this! How amazing – thank you, thank you. I love it! Gypsy caravans – le sigh.

  2. Meredith said

    Hi Ally. Loved your caravans.
    Now this may make your stomach tie up in knots…and there is a fair chance you have done this but not on pinterest…but how about “How pinteresting are…advent calendars.” I am thinking of making Advent Calendars during November with our Sunday School kids and thought I would show them some ideas before we started brainstorming our own ideas. Like do one of these posts in late October on the old Advent calendar?

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