Book Club: All that I am by Anna Funder.

September 11, 2012

Image from Book Depository.

As I have mentioned a couple of times…. I am a bit behind on the book club posts, and just as I thought I had caught up… I realised that I had left out “The Help” by Kathryn Sprockett so I will blog it’s review next.

First, let me review All That I Am by Anna Funder.

Some of you will have hear of this book as it has won awards recently, but as we know, awards given by a literary body and books readers enjoy reading can be too different things.

This book was no different.

Written in a chapter by chapter recount that flips from present to past, it is set simultaneously in Bondi Sydney and across Europe during the political and social cauldron that was the second world war.

Anne Funder is a researcher, no question there, but as will all historical fiction I was left with the feeling of uncertainty as to where the fiction began and the history ended.

Do others have this experience with this genre’?

Image from Book Depository.

Because I didn’t continue studying history past the minimum requirement for high school, my knowledge of this period of history is extremely sketchy. Often I felt ‘not knowledgeable enough’ to know details that I’m sure would have illuminated the read….. and the opposite is also true…. I didn’t know enough to refute false historical readings…. which always occur when reading one person’s account of any historical period.

The characters themselves were interesting and somewhat developed, if at some levels unbelievable. I loved her first person ‘Ruth’….. especially as an ageing woman.

It’s a book worth the time and effort, although it wouldn’t reach my ‘must read before you die’ list.

Have you read it?

What was your take?


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