Monsters Upcycled.

September 5, 2012

Monster Madness at my house.

If my mild case of madness wasn’t evidenced before now…. I think this weekends making will confirm it solidly.

A large A4 size green monster and a pencil case size white one.

I had so much fun making monsters from upcycled chenille bedspreads that a friend gave me, months ago. Thanks Belinda.

Large monsters big enough for pyjama bags or music bags…. or just monster pencil cases.

They are mostly for the upcoming school fete, and are quite addictive to make. I’m hoping some more chenille bedspreads will be donated (yes that’s a hint if you have any kicking around).

Ipod size and DS size monster bags.

The girls gave suggestions like…. try making them just with a zipper mouth, and how about DS size or as a handbag.

Originally I was trying to come up with things boys might like, as there is always more craft items on the stall for girls and very few for boys.

Pencil case size monsters.

I’m also trying to only use what I have in my cupboard, or donations from others.

They are dead easy to make.

Mini Monster….

Would you like a tutorial?

Watch this space……

Monsters have taken over the cubby!



8 Responses to “Monsters Upcycled.”

  1. Steph said

    I like your new addition. That would have been one very green chenille blanket. I think the boys are going to dig them. We have a pink one but I can’t bring myself to cut it up yet haha… Would love a tutorial. Xo Steph

    • ally adeney said

      I can cut into it if you would like! Ha ha….
      I’ll put together a tutorial soon.

      • ally adeney said

        I also have to tell you Stephan that growing up my sister and I shared a bedroom with matching chenille bedspreads just like this one….. Maybe a touch limer…. Ahhh the greatness of the 70’s…..

  2. Meredith said

    Love love LOVE your work. These are fantastic.

  3. […] more recently I have been making monsters. You can see a tutorial here if you would like to make your […]

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