How Pinteresting ….. book week costumes?

August 11, 2012

I love this idea! Image from Disney family fun.

As there were no current takers for the interactive Pinteresting series I decided to pre-empt the upcoming book week celebrations, with a collection of 50+ ideas for costumes.

In the collection I have made sure there are lots of simple “last minute’ ones and many ‘no sew’ ideas.

50+ book week costume ideas.

I have tried to be fairly generic, and stuck to books over movies.

This years theme is “Champions read” and parades are approaching fast (August 18-24)

Let me know what you think….. and if you use any for your children.

This ‘cut-out doll’ idea I love……. but I am not sure I will be able to persuade one of my two to do it.

We will see.

For some ideas from past years, you can see them here and here and here.

Lots of these costumes we still have and are happy to lend, if you live close.

We love a good dress up at our house!

4 Responses to “How Pinteresting ….. book week costumes?”

  1. Meredith said

    They don’t do Bookweek dress up every year at our local school and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to predict if THIS is the year for dress ups. Haven’t heard anything yet…which is not to say it won’t be happening. But because I haven’t heard anything yet means I haven’t given it any though as of yet. Which is my long way of saying this might possibly be the useful post I read this month! Thank you. Mx

  2. Ali said

    I have a pinterest idea for you next time: air-stream trailers/ vintage caravans – either real ones or crafted (as in, featured in crafts) or decorative ones.

  3. thankfully my kids had their book character parade last year, and their school does them every second year. Pinterest is awesome for ideas. I’m doing some book week related posts this week as well.

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