Art class …..please help.

July 22, 2012

This week I start art class after a very long break.

More out of convenience than anything else I have enrolled in ‘continuing projects’.

The problem is….. I am sort of starting a fresh rather than continuing so I need your help.

Over that last couple of months I have been collecting still life images (because I am fascinated by the comfortingness of them). I think I would like to recreate them as  drawings or paintings or collages …. or maybe even something all together different. I would love to experiment with stitching and fabric within works too.

I just don’t know where to start.

Please help me out by letting me know in the comments which images appeal to you and how you would like to see them recreated. I am not promising to obey your every visual wish but your feedback would help enormously. Thanks.

1. Latte and sunnies.Image from the bottom of my laundry basket.

2. Muffins on a board. Image from Modern Country.

3. Spilt coffee.Image credit decor8blog.

4. Extra strong cappacino. Image mine.

5. French press and small bites. Image from decor8blog.

6. Three pears and a pomegranate. Image from decor8blog

7. A vase, a painting and a deer. Image the lennoxx.

8. Napkin with sprig and duck egg.Image from the house of Turquoise.

9. Pink flowers in a lime vase. Image from the house of Turquoise.

10. Sweet peas and mini bird eggs. Image from the house of Turquoise.

Please give me some direction…. even if it’s just the number of the picture.

….and yes, I will do some updates as to how the classes and paintings are going.

May even have a give-away, but only if you help me know where to start.


8 Responses to “Art class …..please help.”

  1. Sarah K said

    My fav pic is the pears and pomegranate. Next fav is the one with little bird eggs. Love the idea of fabric… Love that you will be making art! Yay

  2. Jen Fitz said

    I like “#7. A vase, a painting and a deer” the most by far. It is the most interesting to me. I would like to see some more vibrant colors in the flowers and the deer a bit more shiny and gold. I think it would be very beautiful. Good luck in your art class! 🙂

  3. Knowing a little of you and family it would be nice to see something like the one of you and Tim having coffee or something like your own coffee/ cups kitchen bench. I can imagine it to be a lovely addition to a families home.. Something to connect to.??

  4. Steph said

    Loving the spilt coffee… Because making coffee is messy messy work! I love a simple water colour… Hugs

  5. Caroline E said

    Number 1 appeals to me. Coffee, cream and crochet. There’s a familiarity about the contents of the picture. There’s smell, taste and touch. Up to you how you re-create it!

  6. […] Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback on where to start creating again. […]

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