How Pinteresting are…… pendant light fittings?

July 10, 2012

Image from hersocialnetwork. Single lights adorned with upcycled items. Bucket, conductor, wine bottle……not sure what that is…..torch and vase. 

Deb has given me the search item for this interctive series… How Pinteresting…..

She is in the early renovation stage and it thinking about light fitting for single pendant lights, for the kitchen dining area. The area she describes is mostly white and wood, and wanted some ideas. She was also keen that I included some DIY’s in the mix…. and of course, I had to include some upcycled ideas as well. Light fitting can be crazily priced, so I have mostly looked around the real world (via the virtual one) rather than in the stores to put together a ‘Light’s for Deb’ pinterest board. I’m sure she will find something here she likes.

With a similar theme to the photo above, light fittings could be made using kitchen items. I am thinking a colander, tupperwear bowl or even a vintage cake tin or mixing bowl. Can you think of any others for Deb?

…. alternatively give me your  ideas to collate on pinterest.

I haven’t forgotten about the fete…. more on that later next week.



One Response to “How Pinteresting are…… pendant light fittings?”

  1. Deb K said

    Thanks Ally! The globes are a fav for us – reckon you could DIY it? Also love the first one (fabric scraps lampshade). Some good inspiration!
    Will have to send you some pics of our befores and afters when it’s done. It’s going to be amazing…. (in the sense of ‘a drastic transformation’.. ie not necessarily an amazingly beautiful result!).

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