Love this idea….. little free libraries.

July 1, 2012

‘Take a book. Return a book.’ Image from the original article on etsy.

This is a great little community lead idea that is popping up around the place.

Esty blog have written an article about it here. Little free libraries. ‘You can’t steal a free book’.

I am on the lookout for a suitable ‘bookhouse’ to put on my front fence.

The site Little Free Libraries even have plans for how to build little libraries and a gallery of already established ones.

Facebook also has it’s own Library builders guild with over 1000 members!

Already I know of a number of people in my community that are keen to make this happen. Maybe your community would be up for it too.

I will let you know how it progresses.

…oh and if you have a little house (waterproof) tucked away in somewhere and want to get rid of it…… let me know.

Another cute bookhouse. Image from etsy blog.

2 Responses to “Love this idea….. little free libraries.”

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