Book Club: Boy in the striped Pyjamas by John Boyne

June 10, 2012

…image from book depository

By now I’m guessing a lot of you will have seen the movie of this, if not read the book.

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne is a quick little read, which I think is one of the disarming things about it.

I, unfortunately guessed the end, which meant I was less shocked than I should have been when it come because I had time to process my emotions, but others in the bookclub didn’t see it coming at all…. and so received it full force.

Written in a week and a half, it does read like it at times, with a loss of subtly which may have come with a more laboured over book. However  I would recommended for young adults partly because of this.

In bookclub discussed the way we view those who we know and love over those who are foreign and hated.

….image from book depository.

A great ‘do you stick your nose into other peoples business?’ debate raged.

I think the general consensus was no…. which worries me as it means that the suffering to others at the hands of an authority is always someone else’s problem and not mine.

…. and anyway, where would you start with so many injustices in the world.

I was challenged to think through to what extent I am prepared to suffer for someone else’s good and how far I am from the perfection of Jesus.

Give it a read …and tell me what you think.



2 Responses to “Book Club: Boy in the striped Pyjamas by John Boyne”

  1. Tere said

    I’m not sure how the book is published now, but when it first came out (at least here in Oz) the backcover/jacket gave NO indication what the book was about. I read somewhere that is exactly how author Boyne wanted it – so that the story would unfold for the reader just as it unfolded for Bruno…

    For Erin I think it did present that way, but by the time Justin got to it the movie was out so he knew what it was about. And I think some of the impact was lost on him as a result.

    • allysonadeney said

      Hi Tere,
      Yep that cover idea would make lots of sense.
      It’s interesting how tenuous impact is, I think. Pity.

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