The disaster molecule.

May 28, 2012

3D model of the Sucrose Molecule. Image from 3d

As I posted last week, 5 year old turned 6 and had a pretty crazy mad scientist party.

I, embracing the whole mad bit…. and a tad of the scientist bit…. decided that for this party she needed a molecule cake.

Although I was able to find lots of helpful images and ideas for games and general party food, I couldn’t find many images of molecule cakes. I now know the reason for this!

One of the VERY few cake-pop molecule cakes on the internet. Image and cake by Hecticium.

But…. undaunted and sure that it was just because no-one had thought of it yet…. I decided to give it a go.

My idea was to make cake-pops (so each child could eat it at the park without a plate) and link them (bond) all together with their sticks to form a 3D shape….. somewhat reminiscent of the sucrose molecule above. Yes, sucrose as in sugar, the very thing a cake should be made with. Yes , I was finding the whole planning process very entertaining and amusing.

Now, because I am not a baker…and generally leave the baking to the professionals…I decided to try my idea a couple of days before the party. As it turns out …. this was indeed the best idea surrounding the fated molecule cake!

The cake-pops …although incredibly tedious…. looked ok in themselves.

After much research into cake-pop making, no baking involved because you break-up already baked cake (bonus!), the purchase of very colourful and sweet ingredients….. a bit of food colouring….. white chocolate…. icing…. non-parelis (the blue things)….I set to work.


Be warned people! Cake-pop making is to the cake decorating world as hand beading is to the world of couture. Amateurs run for your lives!

Not a good birthday cake beginning when the components need such careful manoeuvring.

Anyway…. long story short. After a full day of fiddling and fussing and a whole lot of questioning of ones sanity….. I was glad I had an option B.

THe ‘Epic Fail’ molecule cake.

The girls verdict on arriving home from school was ….. ‘they taste yummy’, ‘didn’t really work’ and ‘it was lucky you tried it first’.

All in all it was a disaster, however the disaster was still made up of molecules.

2 Responses to “The disaster molecule.”

  1. Jennifer said

    Hey don’t be down of yourself Ally!! Being a mum I know the whole gammut of your feelings and frustrations. Believe the girls when they said they were yummy and go with it! My thought was to try it with pieces of fruit all higgledy-piggledy. “The beginnings are often the messiest…” read that somewhere. It was my birthday on Sunday and we did the simplest of things… sausage and sauce bbq at the local skate/play park. Blissful weather, two gorgeous girls and hubby. Finished up with an icecream at teddy bear cafe. All for under $15!!! I was 47 but jeeze I felt 27 again. J

  2. […] this one up too after the disaster of the ‘molecule cake’  Inside the test tubes was a jelly snake, and it’s hard to see but the jelly was layered lime […]

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