5 year old turns 6

May 20, 2012

6 year old with 2 friends she has had forever! Thanks Laura for the photo.

My baby is 6!

What an amazing force of nature she is.

It’s hard to imagine after having 3 girls that the fourth one would be so different again. Her sisters love her to bits and all have their little games they play with her.

Like lots of younger siblings….. she doesn’t miss a trick and absorbs the world of her older sisters with ease.

Tim and I often comment about what this one will be like as an adult…….

We love her confidence and energy, her curiousness and her friendliness.

A nerd in the making…………..

Here she is in her ‘scrubs’ at her Mad Science party. Dr Fafa (grandfather) will be proud.

Thank you God for the littlest member of our family.

3 Responses to “5 year old turns 6”

  1. Jennifer said

    Happy Birthday to the wee one! And I have to agree..I have two daughters with the first born (8 in october) placid, sensible and easy going. The second is whoooah! A bundle of energy, angst and with such a black and white attitude to life. And she is only just three. Of course I love them both to bits!!

  2. Ali said

    And Happy Birthday to six-year-old too. Wow, she was a wee thing when I first met her. Laughed at the “force of nature”. 🙂

  3. Caroline E said

    6! Unbelievable! Happy Birthday to the Unit! Love you heaps!

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