8 year old turns 9

May 14, 2012

Happy Birthday 9 year old.

Today our third oldest girl turned 9.

I can hardly believe it.

Today she was unwell and had the day off school. It wasn’t all bad though. She got a chance to ride her new bike…. (thanks Granni Jan and Fafa) and have a couple of friends over for dinner.

She constantly surprises us with her determination and order, her conviction and openness.

It’s tricky being ‘in the middle’ of our quite overwhelming family….. but she does it with so much class.

This past year she has applied her trademark gusto to all things music. It’s a thrill to watch her learn.

She was keen for me to share this video with you….. the 2cellos play Smooth Criminal….. she loves these guys so much she wanted their album for her birthday. We have enjoyed it all day. Tim even thanked her for her great taste in music!

Riding today…..

We thank God for her. She’s a treat and a pleasure to have in our family.


5 Responses to “8 year old turns 9”

  1. It’s amazing how fast our kids grow. Every milestone brings about beautiful and happy memories. I wish there is a way to slow down time. Before we know it their in college and spreading their own wings. Great post!

    • allysonadeney said

      Thanks ….
      yes my fear and my longing are at odds here. I want them to grow up and spread their wings but I already miss them!

  2. Thanks to you and your daughter for the link to the 2Cellos! Just fantastic! My kids loved it. Our 6yo is learning cello and was quite inspired!!

    • allysonadeney said

      I will let her know. We are all enjoying the 2cello’s too.
      It’s nice of you to drop by. Are you the Rachel I met at Lyndal’s 40th?
      9 year old also started learning the cello this year. She’s really enjoying it….but it’s hard work! Ally

  3. Ali said

    Oh, I am a bit slow to comment here. But Happy Belated Birthday to nine-year-old. How I wish I started learning cello when I was 9! How lovely. And love to you all.

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