Underwater fun-kit for a 6 year old.

May 9, 2012

The finished product. No extra wrapping required.

In keeping with the making of gifts idea from previous posts…. I attempted a variation of the Fort Building Kits by Saltwater Kids posted in a great big list of gifts for boys and girls last Christmas.

I have been wanting to try these for ages, and I am pretty sure I will make more after this success.

The theme of the party was mermaids…. so I purchased fabric appropriate to the sea, included some sequin length, white fur trim and a few gold coins to contribute to the sea idea.

Because I wanted the lovely Lily to be able to use it for other creative play, I decided to call it a fun-kit rather than a fort kit in the hope that it would open up the imaginative possibilities rather than close than down. I imagine her using the contents not just for forts but backdrops for ‘shows’, dress-ups, dancing, picnics or playing mermaids or other sea creatures.

I included a frangipani hairclip just….because it was gorgeous.

One fabric was a sea blue cotton and the other a watery print blue chiffon.

….I hope she enjoys playing with it as much as 8 year old and I enjoyed pulling it together.

Her mum sent me through this photo of an early incarnation of the fun-fit.

Nice one Lily.

An early incarnation of the fun(fort)-kit. Thanks Laura for the picture.


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