Making gifts

April 21, 2012

Close-up of the weather textile hanger.

As in other years, this year I am trying to make as many gifts as I can for birthdays… especially those school related birthday parties.

Those fun little 2 hours of celebration can really add up!

My 8 year old has picked up the making gifts bug and so together we pulled together this gift for a ‘Weather Party’……. I kid you not! That was the theme.

She didn’t do it all. Chain stitch was too hard and blanket stitch was too slow…. so I did those. I also helped out by threading the needle and ‘finishing it’ when she got tired.

She drew it out on paper first and I did the cutting out. She selected all of the buttons and enjoyed finding the right colours to make up the rainbow.

We had everything we needed right in the cupboard! I love that.

Do you recognise the spotty blue fabric?

Along with the textile hanger she put together an activity book of crosswords, colouring in, find a word and dot to dot….. all related to the weather…..and covered it with the cloud  fabric used for the background here.

What the hanging needlework might look like in a bedroom.

Her friend Kristabella really loved it.

Have any of you made simple gifts for your kids to give to their friends? I would love to hear your ideas.


2 Responses to “Making gifts”

  1. A weather party?? Now that is different. This year we have Mermaids (6) Mr Maker (4 yr old) and a trip to a very fun park out of Sydney for a day trip (9 yr old).

    So encouraged that she is making her friends present. Such a lovely thought from her big heart.

  2. […] keeping with the making of gifts idea from previous posts…. I attempted a variation of the Fort Building Kits by Saltwater […]

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